4 Holiday Marketing Tips

Even though there has been recent worry about dwindling consumer confidence, this year's Christmas shopping season is on course to set new milestones.

Your marketing staff may be under a lot of strain when sales peak around Christmas since expectations are high and, more so than in previous years, a lot depends on brand strategy and narrative to meet sales targets.

The Christmas season would be crucial for many small-to-medium sized brands and B2B businesses, we projected last year. We were correct, too. Many companies who were unprepared for an increase in competition suffered devastating losses during the testing period of the Christmas season.

This year, branding teams must maintain their resolve and exhibit a little more drive to leave before the others.

So, here are four methods to start 2022 strong and maintain your sales momentum during the holidays.

Add CRM functionality

Brands must include a potent CRM into their workflow for managing sales and marketing if they want to exceed expectations. A CRM provides both sales and marketing teams with an important resource for analytics, metrics, communication, campaign management, and more that are simply essential in today's industry, as we've talked about previously.

By presenting sales data and customer behavior patterns in simple charts, CRMs remove most of the ambiguity from the customer buy-way. So that you can concentrate on what really matters: providing excellent customer service.

Holiday ad campaigns

Whether you work in B2C or B2B, your team should be prepared to produce holiday-themed content with the intention of boosting long-term consumer engagement as well as seasonal sales.

In this case, social media is quite helpful. During the holidays, consumers love to share news on social media. Successful B2B holiday brands will take advantage of this to promote their messaging across all media, earning supporters and interested clients who will remain with them for the rest of 2022.

Holiday email advertising are also effective, albeit it might be challenging to escape the spam or garbage folder. Use specialized tools, such as a decent CRM, to customize communications and give statistics so you can determine if you are reaching your target demographic.

Make the client the protagonist

In this fiercely competitive environment, brands that foresee consumer requirements and desires and create unique experiences across all touchpoints will succeed.

Teams in charge of marketing, sales, and customer care need a comprehensive picture of their customers' buy-ways. Determine who your customers are and strive to make their interaction with you as seamless and enjoyable as you can. Create audience personas and evaluate A/B test outcomes.

Customize Your Approach

Utilize personalization, which is one of the key advantages of current marketing technology.

The main benefit of marketing automation is the personalization and automation of corporate operations via the use of cutting-edge technological solutions. You can manage your email campaigns, write press releases, plan social media posts, reply to inquiries from clients or potential clients, and schedule email newsletters thanks to automation.

All you need to do is sign in to the online administration portal, and the program will take care of the rest. With today's technologies, you can make lists, add tags, target your message at certain personas, and track metrics like email opens, bounces, unsubscribes, and more.

With the correct technology, you'll be able to provide automatic notifications of new product launches, events like webinars, or any other information that's crucial to your audience in addition to providing thematic material targeted to their wants and requirements.

hanks to Dave Sutton at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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