Are You Ready for Halloween? Considerations

It's a great time of year for both kids and social media marketers. Halloween gives us all the opportunity to produce entertaining material and add a lighthearted tone to our job.

Take a look at the following suggestions if you're stumped for what to do with your social media this Halloween.

Your 'appearance'

When it comes to Halloween, your developers must be on top of their game. Any big company this time of year will have the Halloween colors (orange and black) all over their social media accounts, demonstrating to their audience that they are aware of the season.

Don't stop there, however. Focus on having scary images and lenses, as well as filters that really express the Halloween mood, on your profile pages and posts.

In general, your audience will want you to recognize that Halloween is approaching, and the simplest way to accomplish so is to have your developers make your platform visually scary.

Content on video

Video has always been a crucial component of any social media strategy, and Halloween is the ideal time to produce captivating video.

You might create a "mini-series" of videos running up to Halloween that tell a narrative and build tension until the big day arrives. This is a fantastic approach to add a narrative aspect to the tale you're telling your audience while also keeping them interested.

With a little creative thinking, you should be able to come up with a scary story that you can turn into a series of videos.

A Halloween theme may be used in teaser trailers for new goods or events. This is really extremely successful, and since the films are so brief, they can be uploaded almost everywhere.

Finally, inject some levity into the situation by shooting behind-the-scenes footage from a staff Halloween party. It's a lot of fun, and your audience will enjoy the relatable element of dressing up in ridiculous costumes.

Treats are preferable to tricks

Audiences that are happy are more engaged and devoted. This Halloween, go the 'treat' route by offering your audience something useful.

This may be a discounted version of your product. It may also be a company-related experience. You may even be able to give away free items (that always makes people happy).

It's great to receive something for nothing, and if you tie it into the trick or treat, you'll have a happier and more devoted audience.

Promotions with a time limit

Because Halloween falls inside such a little window on our calendars, it makes sense to run a brief campaign to garner attention and interaction before it fades away.

Keep anything you're advertising this time of year brief and sweet. Your audience will enjoy a little lightheartedness during this scary season.

You should be extremely conspicuous throughout this season of parties and trick-or-treating.

Whatever you do, put the focus on having fun rather than selling. You may even use the advertising as a way to raise awareness or to increase interaction on your social media feeds.

The more fun you have, the better, and don't forget that the campaign may run throughout the week leading up to Halloween to really ramp up the enthusiasm.


It's never a bad idea to use user-generated content (UGC). Utilize this chance to make Halloween even more enjoyable for your audience by encouraging them to use your goods to celebrate the holiday.

The cosmetics and beauty business is an obvious candidate for this kind of user-generated content. In recent years, brands in this space have urged consumers to dress up in scary costumes to commemorate the season.

At the same time, the brand receives content for their platforms as well as more advertising as a result of the audience's usage of the brand's goods.

It shouldn't be difficult to come up with some user-generated content (UGC) ideas that will interest your audience while also fitting in with the Halloween mood.


It goes without saying that you should use hashtags relating to Halloween. If you work hard enough, you may be able to launch a campaign around a unique hashtag that links your brand name to Halloween or other scary events.

As your campaign gains momentum, the hashtag will have a better chance of trending and acquiring the appropriate level of interest by Halloween.

It's a wonderful chance to experiment with words and have some fun, and hashtags should be a must-have for every seasonal campaign.

Thanks to Sahail Ashraf at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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