Can PR Drive Tech Lead Generation?

With changes to Google's advertising policies, as well as changes to Facebook and Instagram, public relations, or PR, may become the new key to lead generation. Because of the way algorithms limit sponsored material, your prospective customers are more likely to connect with your PR pieces before being shown sponsored content.

Does this imply that public relations may produce leads? Why spend time on PR and earned media when you can engage your audience directly with targeted ads? This is a controversial approach in many organizations, especially service-based industries like tech; why spend time on PR and earned media when you can engage your audience directly with targeted ads?

Isn't it true that people don't interact with PR when it comes to IT startups? Many firms make the mistake of presuming that they don't need to worry about public relations. Could public relations, on the other hand, be the new key to generating leads?

PR, in our experience, may help generate leads. We have suggestions for when you're designing your PR strategy, as well as ideas for merging PR and lead creation. Let us show you why having a public relations plan is just as important as having a marketing strategy.

Can PR help a tech startup generate leads?

In a nutshell? Yes.

Public relations, or PR, is the same as earned media. Earned media is the notion of getting your name in the media or on social media platforms without having to pay for it or sponsor it. Earned media may help your tech startup's SEO by providing crucial exposure and leadership positioning with links back to your website.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that people trust non-sponsored media more than commercials. Because you didn't pay for the exposure, they regard it as a more trustworthy method of communication. In the aftermath of the epidemic, when money is tight for many, PR might be the new anchor to provide cohesiveness to your commercial efforts. Publicity is earned, not bought. It may help you save money while still reaching out to potential customers.

Public relations may also raise awareness among a broad audience, which can lead to leads later. You can reach a larger audience with PR than you can with focused advertisements.

This audience may include prospects you hadn't considered previously, as well as your core segment. You raise brand recognition among a bigger set of individuals by providing general audience interpretations of your brand.

Public relations may also help to raise awareness by:

  • Getting readers/viewers to pay attention
  • Potential buyers/audiences are being educated.
  • Providing required information about your organization, service, and/or product to your target audience
  • Targeting your audience where they make purchase choices, obtain news, and/or seek guidance to handle industry problems

In general, public relations may be a very effective lead generating tactic. People are more inclined to interact with information that they trust and that provides them with the answers/knowledge they need. When incorporating PR into your marketing strategies, however, there are several things to keep in mind.

PR and lead generation campaign recommendations

Yes, if done correctly, public relations can be a strong and profitable strategy. To get the most out of earned media, PR should be paired with content marketing methods. Consider these suggestions as you design your marketing and PR efforts, or as you integrate PR into your overall company strategy.

Organize data-driven campaigns

Data is a marketer's — and a public relations specialist's — greatest ally! Plan how you'll get and utilize data from earned media.

Will you look at the number of comments, shares, and interactions on your posts? Interlinking for website analytics? Then, using this information, respond to some of the most prevalent questions/concerns you've encountered among your potential leads.

This will demonstrate to clients that you are paying attention to their demands and taking into account their viewpoints.

Tell interesting tales

Telling a good tale is the key to getting featured. Earned media is a procedure that entails contacting relevant publications' authors and journalists. You can engage your audience and create greater trust in your brand by presenting a compelling tale.

This might help you capture prospects' attention and perhaps establish yourself as a thought leader. Thought leaders are very significant positions in your business since they provide greater credibility and authority.

Make your tale simple to accept, comprehend, and share

After you've written a compelling tale, it must resonate with your target audience. To share your narrative, including links, videos, and photographs.

Multimedia coverage has been found in studies to draw 3-5 times more attention than conventional releases. Make sure that your audience can interact with the message you're trying to deliver, and that it's easy to understand and share. The more shareability an item has, the more attention it will get.

Make use of CTAs

CTAs, or call-to-actions, are very effective in motivating readers to take action. Return readers/viewers to your landing page or other website content.

This allows you to bring in additional data and information, as well as gather contact information and monitor analytics/sources from which visitors are coming. After reading/viewing your content, CTAs might inspire your audience to do more actions.

You'll be more likely to succeed with your PR plan if you evaluate all of this information and put these ideas into action. You'll be able to include public relations into your current efforts and acquire new leads!

Ideas for combining public relations and lead generation

You may mix public relations with lead generating in a number of ways. You don't have to limit yourself to just one kind of media! You may create content in a number of ways, depending on your target audience. Here are a few suggestions:

Outreach to the media

A feature in a magazine, newspaper, on television, or on the radio is referred to as editorial outreach. This form of material has been proved to result in a rise in calls, curiosity, and site traffic.

These public relations articles provide your company more legitimate third-party recommendations. Use them to develop credibility, trust, authority, and even a thought leadership position.


Press releases are materials issued by your organization and sent to various newspapers or channels. This is a low-cost strategy to increase media exposure while providing direct access to your target audience across several media platforms.

Press releases may also increase your search results by increasing your company's visibility in search engines (SEO). Just make sure you don't overdo it with the press releases.


Participate in or support a fundraiser. You may sponsor a brand, show corporate signs, set up a booth at the event, lead a workshop, and more. These provide chances to distribute documents or demonstrate products/services, as well as to connect your brand with event participants and chat with potential prospects.

Content that is long in length

Long-form material, or lengthier pieces of information published with other newspapers or on your blog, is critical to a successful public relations plan. It's a great way to show off your business knowledge and skills while also boosting your company's reputation in your target market.

These may take a variety of forms, including blogs, articles, and newsletters, as well as webinars, case studies, and speeches. It may demonstrate that you understand your customer's point of view and their problem areas if done effectively.

Include a lot of keywords, connections to your website/other material, and make the content search engine friendly.

Blogging as a guest

Guest posting should not be overlooked! This might include collaborating with another firm to produce a blog for them (promoting your brand) or addressing industry concerns and difficulties. Discussing industry viewpoints on difficulties, challenges, or trends that your organization is experiencing is a good idea.

Guest blogging might help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert or opinion leader in your profession. It may help you get more reputation, visibility, and even networking chances.

Product evaluations

Outside publications or professionals assess your products/services in this sort of PR. You may schedule product demos ahead of time or provide unique information to magazines in your business. These are vastly underappreciated; take advantage of them whenever possible!

For b2b IT enterprises, public relations is an often ignored and undervalued type of lead creation. You'll discover a new path to success if you follow our advice and incorporate our ideas into your PR campaign.

Thanks to Kim Caro at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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