Habits Of Successful Middle School Students

I have heard many say that middle school is a rough time.

While there may be some rough moments, most parents believe that their middle school students thrive in middle school.

Teachers have confirmed that most middle school students want to learn and love school.

They feel that learning is important and love to learn. Middle school students feel the need to be social and can be very attentive in class.

Most parents of middle school students can testify to this fact.

Their middle schoolers have wonderful habits, and some even have routines at home and school that they use every day.

Here is a list of the ten habits of successful middle school students

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  • they maintain a schedule
  • they maintain good attendance
  • they pay attention in class
  • they use proper diction
  • they have positive attitudes
  • they have good self-esteem
  • they like to learn
  • they don't use violence
  • they like to be challenged
  • they try new things

Each of these habits of successful middle schoolers will go on to apply to many aspects of life.

I encourage you to keep track of your child's activities and habits.

Your child's behavior and habits are often a reflection of your parenting and your values.

I also encourage you to work with your child on your own habits.

Do you make a habit of stopping at the mailbox before leaving for work every day?

Are you or your child a night owl and wake up early in the morning? What about the habit of praying?

Unfortunately, the habit of prayer and Bible study is a major problem among American families

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According to many reports, prayer is no longer a family activity in America.

Many families have fallen into the habit of making prayer time optional and attend church, instead of praying together.

This could be why we find so many families with serious problems that could have been avoided.

A few years ago, we went through a very serious trial. Our church youth minister died suddenly.

He was a wonderful man and leader. After the funeral, we gathered at our pastor's house for prayer and to discuss the funeral service.

All the adults that attended the funeral had joined together and decided to break the family up into small groups.

Pastor Marc and I went into his room to pray. I believe that is where many American families are missing out on valuable instruction and guidance.

In Pastor Marc's room, there was a desk with books on the top of it. I noticed that every time I walked by, I would grab a book and start to read.

Every time Pastor Marc walked by, he would come into my personal space and say, "Would you quit taking books off my desk?"

Without realizing it, I had started doing that for him. In my reading time at his desk, I had become a prisoner to his habits of reading.

After months of frustration, I finally asked him one night why he was getting upset with me for reading at his desk.

After explaining that he had picked up some of my habits, he said, "See, I am already praying for you. What more does it take?"

I wish more parents could sit down with their children and explain that no book is more important than prayer. We should be treating prayer as a priority.

I am challenging all of you to become involved in creating a family prayer time for your families

Begin by getting your entire family together for dinner and prayer. However, don't just get everyone together and pray for 15 minutes.

You will need to begin praying with your kids, then your teenagers.

Pray together for as long as it takes. The more time you spend praying together, the closer the family becomes and the more effective you will be in prayer.

What you teach your children during prayer will be a reflection of what you teach them in life.

Will you prayerfully consider forming a family prayer group?

Now, go make a difference in your children's lives.

God bless you and your families.

The habits that many successful middle school students have are as follows

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1. The ability to identify and understand the connection between the rewards that you are seeking and the work that you are doing

As middle school students, the things that we are trying to learn most are the things that are going to help us make it through high school and beyond.

However, to make the most out of your study time and to be successful at your studies, you need to be able to identify the connection between what you are doing and what you are looking for in the future.

By developing good study habits as a middle school student, you are going to be able to solve the biggest obstacle that middle school students have when it comes to learning, which is a need for self-fulfillment.

2. The ability to learn how to study for short periods of time while keeping concentration for longer periods of time

Many middle school students are not able to maintain their concentration and are easily distracted by the smallest things.

If you want to be successful in your studies as a middle schooler, you need to learn how to study for short periods of time while keeping your concentration for longer periods of time.

When you can follow through with these two tasks, it will be much easier for you to study and learn effectively throughout the day.

3. The ability to sustain high effort over long periods of time

There is no better way for you to be successful than to be able to do things that are challenging for you. That requires all of your attention, and that will give you the most satisfaction.

There is no greater satisfaction than the one that you get when you can make a difficult and long-term task very easy for yourself and very easy for your teachers.

These are just some of the habits that will set you up for success when you move from middle school to high school.

However, before you start making any new habits, you must stop making the bad habits that you have developed while you are in middle school.

Starting making the good habits that will make the transition much easier for you, like, learning new habits to study well, and focusing your attention on learning for longer periods of time is going to make the transition that much easier for you.


As a middle school student, you will surely go through many obstacles before graduating. These challenges will mold you to be ready for a bigger world after high school.

In college, there will be more troubles, ones that are more difficult to solve. These problems will include time management, roommate issues, studies, and even problems as big as money.

Thus, as early as you are, make sure to equip yourself with the ideals and attitude you need to face a bigger world. Life is not all rainbows and butterflies, but as long as you set you heart to what you should do, you will develop habits you can bring with you to the future.

Likewise, always listen to what your parents have to say. While at times, it may seem irritating to be told what to do and how to do things, keep in mind that your parents only want what’s best for you so that you become less overwhelmed with things.

With your current problems, also find time to enjoy your youth. Middle school is the best time to explore what you want to do because there is a lot of confusion and, at the same time, a lot of opportunities that will come knocking on your door.

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