How Is Emotional Intelligence Related To Personality?

Over the past few decades, emotional intelligence (“EI”) has become one of the most popular concepts in psychology. Many claim that it can have profound effects on our overall well-being and success in life. To some, it is even considered a panacea for all types of problems.

However, there are also many who believe that EI is simply not valid as an independent concept. They argue that because people with higher levels of EI tend to be happier and healthier than those with lower levels, then being “smart” about emotions must make you feel good.

Furthermore, they say that since having high levels of EI correlates with other personality traits like agreeability, extraversion, and conscientiousness, then this makes it difficult to determine whether or not individuals with these characteristics actually possess higher levels of EI.

Some researchers go so far as to suggest that individuals with higher levels of extroversion, agreeable personalities, and/or conscientious tendencies may just happen to enjoy studying things that help them understand themselves and others. Therefore, they conclude, this does not prove that they are necessarily more intelligent about emotions.

Another major criticism of research related to EI is that none of the tests used to assess it have very strong internal consistency. This means that no matter how much anyone else’s test scores vary, your own test results are likely to fluctuate from session to session.

Relationship between emotional intelligence and happiness

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

Over the past few decades, researchers have studied how emotionally intelligent people are. They've found that being more aware of your emotions is linked to feeling happier.

Emotions come in different forms, and some people learn to recognize and understand them sooner than others. This can make it easier for you to identify what makes you feel unhappy or happy, and thus make changes to improve your mood.

However, not all people who think they're good at recognizing and controlling their feelings are actually doing so. It's important to know whether someone says things that make you feel bad about yourself because they don't like you, or if they're just not able to control their own emotions.

It could be due to a physical illness such as depression or anxiety, or something outside of the body such as work stress or financial problems.

Relationship between emotional intelligence and success

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in interest in emotional intelligence (EI). Many companies make big announcements about how much EI they have promoted in their employees, and how it can help them succeed at work.

Studies show that people who are high in emotional quotient (also known as EQ) tend to be more successful than individuals with low EQs.

It’s easy to see why this is the case. When you know what other people feel and you use these feelings to motivate them, then they will do your job for you! And when they leave together every night, emotionally stable and close… well, you get the picture.

There are many theories about what makes someone have higher or lower levels of EQ, but no one theory seems completely accurate.

However, most agree that personality traits play a major role in determining overall EQ. This article will discuss some of the main traits related to emotional intelligence.

Relationship between emotional intelligence and health

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of interest in how emotional skills can have positive impacts on your overall well-being. This field is now referred to as “emotional wellness” or “positive psychology.”

Many experts believe that developing your ability to understand and manage your emotions is one of the most important things you can do for your long term physical health.

A large body of research indicates that people who are able to recognize their own feelings and those of others more accurately are less likely to suffer from mental illness or use harmful substances like alcohol or tobacco.

They may also experience better social relationships and functioning at work and home. It has even been suggested that increasing your EQ could help prevent depression and weight loss!

This article will talk about some ways that practicing mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotion regulation strategies can boost your emotional fitness. But first, let us take a closer look at why it is so important to be aware of your own emotions.

Ways to improve your emotional intelligence

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

Overcoming shyness is one of the most fundamental ways to increase your emotional intelligence. Many people are not aware they have a tendency to be socially introverted unless someone points it out to them, which can make changing this habit difficult.

Shy individuals may feel anxious before an event that includes social interaction, but once the event begins they seem to relax and enjoy themselves more than those who do not suffer from this trait.

People with low emotional intelligence often underestimate how much other people perceive about them. They believe others understand them when in fact they are very private individuals.

Emotionally intelligent people recognize what emotions other people experience and know how to use these insights to better their relationships and life.

Connect with your feelings

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

Developing your emotional intelligence is not just about being able to recognize what you feel, it is also about knowing how to use those emotions to help you achieve your goals.

Many people think that only certain types of individuals have strong empathy or emotional control, but this isn’t true at all.

Everyone has some form of emotional intelligence, it is simply a matter of whether they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, many experts believe that EQ is one of the most important traits you can develop in your life.

People with high levels of emotional intelligence understand the importance of keeping calm and controlled in situations, and know how to relate well to others.

Be authentic

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

Being emotionally intelligent means being aware of your emotions and how they affect others. You are not, however, who you are as a person when you’re not experiencing strong emotion.

Emotion is a part of most people’s everyday lives, so it can be difficult trying to maintain an emotional distance while at the same time understanding what other people are going through.

By showing sympathy for someone else’s situation, you demonstrate that you have concepts of empathy which are a key component in emotional intelligence.

Conversationalists are known to make comments to show empathy, suchas saying something like “I know how you could lose all hope after what happened, but I hope you will try to put this behind you and move forward from here!” or “You seem really upset about what occurred, but there's nothing we can do now - let us see what tomorrow brings!"

This kind of comment helps the other person feel more understood and supported, reducing their stress level- possibly even helping them regain some faith in themselves.

Share your feelings

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

People who are high in emotional intelligence can easily acknowledge that they feel emotions. They may be able to describe those emotions, but more importantly, they understand why they’re feeling them.

This understanding comes from emotional literacy or EQ. You are born with it, but you must learn how to use it.

Many people lack emotional intelligence because they cannot identify their own emotions. It is very difficult for someone without EQ to relate to others since they do not know what other people are experiencing.

By knowing yourself and your emotions, you will be better at helping others deal with their emotions. This will make relationships much easier to handle.

Emotional intelligence also helps you manage your own moods and behaviors. If you practice this, you will find it easy to achieve calm and focus when needed.

There are many ways to improve your emotional intelligence. You can study it directly through courses and seminars, or by practicing self-awareness and control of your emotions daily.

Be honest with others

how is emotional intelligence related to personality essay

As we have discussed, emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize and manage your emotions. Therefore, being able to identify your feelings and correctly describe them to someone else is an important part of having high levels of EQ.

Many people think that because they do not like something, or are angry about something, that they should never speak again. Or that if someone makes them feel bad, they should just stay quiet and shut down.

These are very immature strategies for handling conflict. Firstly, silence can sometimes make things worse as you may lose perspective of what has happened. Secondly, it could hurt longer term relationships due to resentment.

So instead of keeping quiet, try looking at how you can address the issue constructively, and don’t focus only on the negative side. If you learn this lesson early in life, it will help you grow up understanding why some things need more time than others before they can be resolved.

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