How Is Success Connected To Learning

One of the areas I spend time on is teaching entrepreneurial business professionals how to be successful in business and in life.

A common theme in my teaching is to teach that learning should be continuous. Leaning should also be embraced as a lifelong process that never ends.

The issue I see in today's economy is that many people don't truly understand what learning really means. They don't see the connection between learning and success.

Learning is a life process

Learning, I believe, is a life long process. Many successful people I've met have always been lifelong learners.

The current paradigm where learning is only important if you want a college degree is just an antiquated approach to learning.

People are evolving from the student mindset to the master mindset. People are more and more embracing lifelong learning.

They understand the value of lifelong learning and that learning is a positive way to create a better life.

In order to move into this new era of lifelong learning, it's very important to understand that learning and success are intertwined.

My goal is to create a "Seinfeld" mindset to support people as they learn and succeed during their lifetime.

Understanding successful learning

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Successful learning is based on the understanding of the following principles:


Let's look at personalization. Successful learning revolves around learning about ourselves.

Successful people look in the mirror everyday and understand who they are and what they are good at. This is done in order to learn how to achieve success.

The "Seinfeld" mindset encourages us to take responsibility for who we are, what we are good at, and what skills we have.

Getting clear on who we are allows us to begin learning what we are good at.

Each person learns differently and requires a learning plan to achieve success. Successful people don't just teach.

Successful people learn.


Successful learning is highly dependent on our time. Successful people identify learning opportunities throughout their work day.

They don't wait until after work hours or during the weekend to get busy with something to learn.

Instead, successful people make learning an everyday habit.


Successful learning is individualized to suit your needs. For example, a person with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) should learn differently than a person with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or any other cognitive or learning disability.

While all people learning learning in the "Seinfeld" mindset is important, successful learning is focused on personalizing the learner's learning to their needs.

Learning Equations

Successful learning, in my view, is a process of elimination. I've written a lot about eliminating the external and internal limits of your knowledge and success.

This process is made up of a series of learning equations.

The series of learning equations

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Let's break down each of the learning equations in this series.

You are never too old to learn something new

Education is never ending and it never stops. We learn from a variety of sources and we can always learn something new.

We are never too old to learn.

The purpose of education is to help us to improve ourselves and to bring forth knowledge, understanding, and skill that will benefit ourselves and others.

Learning is a lifelong process. We can always learn something new.

When I think of successful learning, I think of learning opportunities throughout our day and never stopping.

I am your teacher

Most people fear the word "teacher". However, successful learning is not just about us the learner.

Successful learning is about teaching and sharing our knowledge and success.

Successful learning begins with the awareness that you can be your own teacher and that teachers teach to learn. A teacher will share knowledge and share what they know.

Successful people, like teachers, do this all the time.

You probably wouldn't believe how many successful people I've met, had breakfast with, or worked for who always end our conversations with, "you're the smartest person I know."

Yes, this is a way of saying that I am your teacher. Don't worry about this being scary or unknown.

Just understand that it is happening and allow it to happen.

Self care is as important as learning

You can't learn if you are tired or in a state of hunger or anger. Neither can you listen to others' concerns or advice when you are in a reactive state.

You can't complete learning when you are afraid of the outcome and also, you can't enjoy success when you are distracted.

You can't keep learning when you are in a negative or pessimistic state of mind.

Successful people understand that self care is as important as learning. Successful people take time to care for themselves.

They rest and allow their bodies and minds to recuperate.

Successful people don't neglect themselves in pursuit of learning, success, and accomplishment.

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