How Lack Of Time Management Affects College Students

Overworked college students are a constant source of stress for their peers and themselves. They feel like they’re constantly on-call, always in demand and never giving their jobs enough time to process or rest.

In fact, it’s so prevalent that there’s even an acronym for it – OWTM (Overwhelmed With Things).

The term was coined back in 2007 by productivity expert Pete Abeles. He defined it as “doing too many things with insufficient focus or intensity”.

Since then, he has spoken about how overworking is one of the top reasons why people get sick and/or burn out at work.

He also noted that most professionals start working in their twenties, but only achieve true success when they reach their thirties. So if you’re still struggling with time management after 30 years, maybe it’s time to make some changes.

Determining what is important

The number one reason why students feel they do not have enough time in their day is because they believe that things that matter to them are not necessarily valuable or worth the time they spend on them.

Many people devote large amounts of time to activities that make them feel good about themselves, but may not be making much progress towards their long-term goals. This can sometimes create more stress than necessary.

It is very common for individuals to place importance on things such as having a lot of friends, being well known, receiving praise and recognition, and earning lots of money. All of these things are wonderful, but they are only temporary.

They will eventually run out if you keep going after them. More importantly, they are not helpful in building true happiness.

True happiness comes from within yourself and cannot be obtained through external sources. It is also difficult to identify it once it has been found. You should never focus too much on anything else except improving your personal effectiveness and self-awareness.

You must determine which areas of life are important to you and invest time and energy into them.

Making plans

how lack of time management affects college students

One major reason why most people get into trouble is because they spend their time in unproductive ways. They spend hours surfing the web or watching television, for example, instead of studying or going to classes.

They fail to make enough trips to the gym, so they stay with poor health. They eat poorly due to lack of preparation, and end up getting sick more often.

And when they are not sleeping well, they can’t focus properly on school tasks either. All of these things add up to less productive time and poorer quality of life, which only makes it harder to succeed.

Furthermore, one of the biggest reasons that students get behind is because they don’t prioritize effectively.

They will set a goal to study every day for an hour, but then something else gets in the way and they never really do anything. Or they might set a task like reading a book, but then find other things take over the space of time needed to read the book.

By failing to establish priorities, students lose out. This loss adds up as semester goes by, making it hard to recover until the next academic year.

Creating a schedule

how lack of time management affects college students

The next step in time management is creating a schedule. This should be done with your best planing tool, which can be either paper or digital.

Paper scheduling tools such as whiteboards, index cards, and notepad documents are great sources of information for students. They help you organize all of your tasks and keep track of what days things have to happen.

Using an app like Google Calendar is also helpful to create event schedules. You can add events that occur once a week, every Friday, or any other type available through it.

These apps make changing the schedule easy, too! Simply drag and drop the item into the appropriate slot.

Breaking down big projects into small tasks

how lack of time management affects college students

A large part of this problem comes from not breaking down your task to smaller, more manageable pieces. This is especially true in college when students are juggling classes, studying for exams, and other commitments.

When you have a lot going on, it can be difficult to focus exclusively on one project or assignment.

It’ll seem as if there’s just never enough time, which makes it hard to get everything done. And because there's no clear deadline, people often don’t feel obligated to keep their word.

In addition to that, some may put off doing work until they have more time, which only causes the situation to get worse.

Breaking down assignments doesn’t mean doing every step all at once, but dividing up responsibilities helps mitigate this issue.

Taking time off

how lack of time management affects college students

One major cause of students failing to manage their time effectively is not having enough time to do things. Many students find it difficult to prioritize tasks due to the perception that there will be more opportunities later.

This can sometimes create a vicious cycle where they lack motivation to start projects or take action because they believe they don’t have enough time to complete them, so they fail to begin them in the first place.

If a student is constantly putting off starting assignments or activities, then he or she will never truly be able to dedicate themselves to doing well academically.

Another reason why students feel like they don’t have time is because they spend too much time watching TV, surfing the web, chatting with friends, and other such idle behaviors.

These distractions could be short ones that only last a few minutes or longer ones that occur throughout the day.

By inserting small breaks into your routine, you can make sure you don’t overextend yourself. This helps you avoid being overwhelmed by all of the work you need to get done.

Getting good grades

how lack of time management affects college students

A lot of students focus more on getting good grades in their courses than on doing other important things like managing their time, keeping up-to-date with classmates, being friendly to people, etc.

They spend too much time thinking about what grade they will get next week or even tomorrow instead of investing energy into developing other skills.

These distractions can sometimes be due to overachieving or wanting an excellent grade so badly that you end up sacrificing other areas of your life.

It is very common for college students to feel overwhelmed and stressed out because of how many classes they have, how busy they are during class times, and how little sleep they get due to studying before bedtime.

Many parents also complain about how late their child is coming home from school since he or she has to go pick up something or run some errand after school.

All of these factors contribute to why there is a high amount of stress in the student body at universities across America.

Missing class

how lack of time management affects college students

One major factor that can hurt your grade point average is missing classes. It seems like every student I meet has a story about how their professor failed to give them enough time to complete an assignment or test, so they skipped it.

Some students choose to do this because they think there will be more time later when the teacher makes his/her rounds or during a break. But many times, teachers make assignments with such tight timelines that there is no chance you’ll have enough time to complete them before the next thing happens.

This could be in terms of hours or days. A lot of college courses are only one hour long, which means you get just under five minutes per question! If you take longer than that to answer a question, you may not get as much credit for your work because people usually don’t have time to devote to studying unfamiliar material.

In addition to hurting you in the short term, this can also negatively affect your career goal of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or business professional. You would need to know a lot about a field to succeed, and lacking that knowledge due to missed opportunities is quite frustrating.

Not spending time with friends

how lack of time management affects college students

Many college students seem to be in a constant state of rush. They are constantly rushing to classes, studying, going out every night, etc. Part of this is due to the fact that they do not have enough sleep and/or spend too much time at home alone.

Another reason why many students feel like they are never without work or homework is because they use idle times for studies. This can quickly become an expensive habit if you want to get better grades and achieve your educational goals.

Idle time should be used for something productive such as reading or studying to help you prepare for class later. If you don’t keep up this habit, it will only end badly for you. You will lose out on important courses you need to succeed in school and life.

There is no excuse for lack of organization and time management when there are so many things you have to focus on. It is very unproductive and frustrating trying to find the time to deal with it.

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