How Struggle Is The Key To Success

This article will discuss how the struggle is the key to success.

So many entrepreneurs can achieve fame and fortune while struggling as it has been proven to be the secret of success.

But many others who want to become successful fall prey to the false belief that it is impossible to achieve the lofty goals one wants to achieve if one cannot put in hard work and struggle to achieve the goal.

If that's the case, then the people who have achieved success are doing something wrong. Those people, of course, are those that have figured out how to go about things the right way.

So I have written this article for the current generation of entrepreneurs who are in the process of finding their way.

The mindset to be successful

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If you are reading this article, you probably know how difficult it is to become successful.

Several self-defeating mindsets will keep you from reaching your goals, both short and long-term.

According to research done by Harvard Business Review, only about 8% of people around the world have made it to the top in their respective fields.

The reasons for this are manifold, ranging from lack of focus to the mistaken belief that it is impossible to be successful.

You can also blame modern times and culture. Most of us are schooled in the belief that it is too difficult for anyone to make it to the top.

The views of others, their perception, the environment, and your beliefs all form a very big part of success.

But these are not insurmountable obstacles.

If you want to make it to the top, you need to go back to the basics. You need to go back to the basics of knowing what you are looking for.

There is a misconception that the only way to reach the top is to aim high.

The truth is that the only way to reach the top is to go for the tasks that are easy and most likely to yield success.

Strive for tasks that you can check off your to-do list. A task that seems unimportant, but if you do it, it will yield you the dividends you seek.

Set simple goals

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Goals are all about reaching a specific aim or aim point. If your goals are too difficult, you will find it difficult to achieve them.

Goals that are too easy will give you the impression that you are doing well, but this will only make it easy for you to forget the goal.

The truth is, there is no such thing as an easy goal. Once your goal is attained, you must move on to a new goal.

Think of it as a tree. If you keep watering the tree with one drip, you are watering it, but when you take away the drip, it will die.

There will come a time when the tree needs good watering. When you know what you are looking for, you can manage your time and plant the tree for future growth.

So here are a few examples:

  • Getting a degree.
  • Hired into an organization.
  • Getting a job.
  • Acquiring a big house.

Do not set too many goals as this will put pressure on you and you will lose focus.

Two or three goals is a good number and set goals that you can check off the list in a short amount of time.

Do not set long-term goals that are unattainable. If you can meet the goals within a year, that's good.

If you can meet the goals within two years, that's good. Meet the goals within three years? that's even better.

With time, you will get a good handle on the way your mind works and know the time frame within which you can achieve the set goal.

Always remember that goals are not met by chance, they are achieved by effort. If you want to reach a certain level of excellence, you must be consistent with the goals.

To hit the target, you must work consistently.

You need to have a plan and work on it consistently. Set goals that are achievable and attainable.

They will give you the focus to work towards them.

Understand what your fears are

Fearless man jumping over barrier

Too many people set unrealistic goals and put off their dreams because they think they cannot achieve them.

It is better to start small and stay focused on your goals. You should not start off achieving something that is out of your reach.

Instead, start with something that is within your grasp. For example, start by buying a bag of onions, then move to buy three kilos, then one, then a dozen, and so on.

Each time you achieve a goal, set another one. Do not set goals that seem impossible.

You should be aware of your fears and deal with them accordingly. The fear of being humiliated or ridiculed by family or friends will hold you back.

It's up to you to decide the type of people you allow into your life. It is best to be surrounded by people that make you feel good about yourself and who can motivate you to achieve your goals.

When your own motivation is low, it's hard to be motivated to achieve your goals.

Understand that people do not give you what you desire because of who you are. They do it because of what you have.

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