How Success Happens

A lot of people have success in life, but you never know what will keep someone busy for long. For example, there’s a reason why Oprah has been hosting her show for more than twenty years – she finds joy in helping others find their inner strength and self-confidence.

There’s also a reason why Steve Jobs left his position as CEO at Apple to focus on other projects he had planned. He wanted to create a new mobile platform that would push the envelope forward with technology.

In both cases, these individuals invested time into something they enjoyed so much that it was easy to add additional time to do it. They lived by a set of principles that made them feel good about themselves, which allowed them to pursue less predictable career paths.

It is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and to use those strengths to fulfill yourself and help other people. But beyond that, you should always look for ways to invest your time in things you love to better your own personal happiness.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it can easily be derailed by something or someone outside of you. It takes work to stay focused on what you want, and being conscious about how you spend your time can reward you in a major way.

Make marketing your number one priority

how success happens

Now that you have determined what you are going to do to bring in money, the next thing is making sure that everything else in your life can handle this new responsibility!

If you’re already spending most of your time working on your business, then you should allocate extra time to other areas of your life. You don’t want your family or friends to feel like they need to put up with your busy schedule, so make sure that you find ways to free up some time for them as well.

You also need to remember that even though you’ll be earning more money, your daily expenses will still remain the same. Therefore, it’s important to pick smart places to spend your hard-earned cash.

Build a strong team

how success happens

Teamwork is one of the most important success factors in business. Teams are not just any group of people that comes together to do a job, they’re usually made up of individuals with different skills who work together to achieve a common goal.

In fact, successful teams have members who go beyond simply helping each other be successful by actively working to improve each others’ performance. This process is called positive teamwork.

Positive teammates may agree about an approach to an issue but believe very differently about someone or something else. They may want different things out of life but share a passion for what you both do.

It's these differences that help create synergy – the effective cooperation of separate parts creating more than the sum of their individual parts. Synergy occurs when one part affects another positively.

Create a marketing strategy

how success happens

A solid marketing strategy is what makes or breaks your business!

You can have all of the best products in the world, but if you do not have a strong marketing plan then no one will know about them.

Your marketing strategy should be two parts – creating a message and delivering the message to the right people using effective channels.

As marketers we spend too much time talking about channeling that message through social media platforms and blogs, but sometimes forget how important it is to actually deliver the product!

Talking about fashion does not make someone else’s dress look good. Shopkeepers who talk about their own style never get compliments for it. So why would anyone pay attention to your advice if you don’t put effort into producing quality content?

Producing quality content means writing an article that people want to read, setting up accounts on social media sites, uploading pictures and videos appropriate to the topic, etc. It takes work and it may not always be fun, but it will keep you productive and moving forward.

Know your market

how success happens

A person becomes successful by serving their community, not being self-focused. They create products or services that are needed and/or wanted and then get people to purchase them.

Successful individuals focus less on what they want and need themselves and more about helping others find things they can be happy using. This is why someone who brands milk as our personal strength drink is successful!

They know that most people prefer cow’s milk so they make money off of that and only supply it to people who want it. The same goes for sugar – we all love it and have an addiction to it, so companies make lots of money supplying it to us.

These are just examples but there are many products out there that do the same thing. What makes them different is how much value each product delivers to its users. If there’t anything beyond the initial desire to use it, then they won’t keep spending money on it.

That isn’t to say there aren’t any benefits to these products for the makers, simply that they are limited in size. By limiting yourself, you limit your exposure to potential customers and thus your income.

Conversely, there are always new ways to improve upon existing products and technology progresses quickly so if you were really close to doing something before, you could now.

Develop your business structure

how success happens

The second key to success is having the right business structure, or what you call yourself as an entrepreneur. You can’t succeed if you don’t know who you are as an individual and what you stand for as a person. As such, you have to find out how to position yourself so that you get the most out of yourself.

As we discussed earlier in this article, becoming successful doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes work, effort, time, and sometimes it may even feel like an uphill battle. This is because whether you realize it or not, succeeding is a process that never really ends.

You will always be working towards more ways to achieve your goals and make sure you don’t get distracted by things that aren’t necessarily worth investing your energy into. Therefore, you must develop a mental framework or concept of what makes something good and what isn’t.

This way, you won’t waste your valuable resources on things that simply do not help you move forward. Rather than wasting your time and money on things that do not contribute anything significant to your life, you need to learn how to identify them early on.

Open a business bank account

how success happens

After you have spent time developing your business, it is important to open up an office for yourself. This will include opening a business banking account that can handle all of your financial needs!

Having a business banking account means having a place to store money, organize bills, and do basic accounting.

It also gives you a location to write down notes about your business and track monthly expenses. Some accounts even allow you to connect your phone so you can make calls while using the computer or smartphone app versions of the service.

Most companies only offer their services to large businesses due to the expense, but this is not feasible if you are just starting out. Luckily, there are many free ways to get started with business banking.

There are many online resources where you can find free business accounts such as Google Finance or Mint. Both of these sites have applications that let you add credit cards too, which is helpful since most banks won’t give you one unless you have a business account.

Register your business

how success happens

The next step in building your career as a writer is to register your business with either state or federal agencies that regulate not only you as an author, but also businesses. This includes registering your copyright, setting up an LLC (that way you can write under yourself rather than just using your personal name), and ensuring that all of your social media profiles are legit.

Most likely you will need to set up an office space for you and your writing team, so look into possible costs and allowances for such facilities before investing. An easy way to test out if this is necessary is to see if you can publish online without it!

Some examples of agency registrations include:

Copyright – yours depending on what mediums you use to create your content

LLC’s - A limited liability company is another way to run your business. This removes any individual responsibility from owning a business.

Apply for licenses and permits

how success happens

After you have sold enough products to make a living as an entrepreneur, things start to slow down. But that doesn’t mean you should stop working! In fact, it is more than acceptable to take some time off, especially since you already spent years building your business.

Licenses and permits are one of the biggest expenses entrepreneurs run into, but they don’t need to be a drag if you work at it right. Luckily, there are ways to save money by being aware of tricks of the trade from others in the industry.

There are also state departments that offer discounts or even free applications to verify your license and permit information, so do some research and see what exists where you live.

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