How Technology Kills Creativity

Overconsuming digital media has become our new normal. We are constantly exposed to less creative content that is heavily influenced by technology. Content production tools have exploded in popularity, making it easy to create your own stuff!

But aside from being overstimulated by too much technology, these tools take away the need to be more creative or learn how to be more creative.

Using pre-made templates and stock photos means you no longer have to work outside of those materials when creating something new. Your creativity gets limited by the size of the material you use so you must invest time into finding out what works and doesn’t for you.

In this article I will talk about some ways we can combine technology with other resources to promote creativity. These strategies may not apply to you as someone who loves using technology, but they could help inspire others to explore other types of media to express themselves.

1. Use computer programs to facilitate creativity
2. Create your own media and software
3. Invest in artistic supplies
4. Let yourself fail; failure is a part of creativity
5. Take risks, break rules, and try new things
6. Get rid of perfectionism

This article will focus on number five, risk taking. Technically speaking, going beyond what you know is a risk, but I will include that under number six since both concepts relate.

There are many examples of this

Recent studies confirm that using too much technology can be destructive to creative thinking. In fact, it’s been shown to reduce creativity even in adults!

Research has found that when people use technology for an extended period of time, they begin to suffer from what’s being called “digital distraction syndrome.” This happens because they become so accustomed to getting quick rewards by checking email or browsing the web, that they lose the ability to allocate resources towards more meaningful activities.

By removing the need to focus on something else while you are working, technology can actually hinder your productivity and creative flow.

It may also hurt your overall well-being by reducing opportunities to connect with others.

Given how pervasive technology is today, trying to limit its use to only certain times or days is not practical. So instead, we must find ways to use it effectively, but still minimize negative effects.

Too much technology can be bad for creativity

how technology kills creativity

We have become so connected through technology that it has influenced how we interact with each other, and ourselves. With every swipe of your phone or tablet screen, you are exposing yourself to new modes of distraction and ways to focus.

More than ever before, our state of attention is fleeting. It’s not just because there are now more options to check out, but also due to the way digital media works – designed to quickly grab your attention, pull you in, then leave you wanting more.

As artists, we depend on creating engaging art to keep us motivated and inspired. In fact, according to research conducted by CreativeLive, one third of all professional creatives say they would even consider quitting their profession if opportunities to create were limited.

So, how do you preserve the space in your life for creative expression while staying focused on work? Here are some tips.

Too little can also be bad

how technology kills creativity

Technological advances have made our lives better than ever before, but they’ve also limited how creative we can become.

We have access to an almost infinite amount of information, which means it is easy to find answers to any question. But this knowledge sometimes gets in the way when you want to create something new!

If your mind is already full from all the things you need to do, then adding more tasks makes it harder to focus exclusively on creativity. This is especially true if you are trying to conceive or start a family — there are many ways to connect with other parents, and staying ahead of the curve will make it hard to enjoy time off work or bed-rested pregnancies.

Keeping up with social media has a similar effect by limiting down time and creating constant pressure to maintain “likes.” (This is particularly noticeable for young professionals who feel obligated to keep their looks consistent.)

In fact, research suggests that using technology during times when you should be focusing on relaxation or sleep may actually hurt your quality of sleep and overall wellness.

There are times when technology can help

how technology kills creativity

Technorati, Twitter, and other social media sites have become part of our daily lives. While they offer us great ways to connect with others, it also raises questions about how that connection affects us as individuals and professionals.

Many believe using these tools helps promote creativity, but there is no clear proof to back this up. It seems instead that using them decreases creative expression and leads to less creative thoughts or even plagiarism.

Some say using tech makes people more focused on getting things done rather than creating something from nothing like we all did as kids. Others claim that staying connected through digital means removes the need to be in touch face-to-face which may hurt relationships.

Some tips for technology and creativity

how technology kills creativity

Technorati, YouTube, and other social media platforms have become part of our daily lives. While they may seem like tools to connect with others, what many don’t realize is that these apps can hurt your creative career.

Too much use of technorati and YouTube can make you feel overwhelmed due to the amount of content there. This feeling of overstimulation can be crippling at times when you want to create or even just enjoy something you love doing!

Using too much tech can also prevent you from staying focused in those moments when you should be creating.

This article will discuss some ways to manage your online time to avoid this happening. You’ll learn how to prioritize and understand why it's important to keep yourself organized with tech.

Take breaks

how technology kills creativity

A few years ago, people were in awe of the speed at which technology was advancing. Computers had just become small enough to be used by almost everyone!

At that time, though, there was a growing concern about how quickly we are becoming dependent upon technology. Some called it “digital addiction” or even said that we would eventually lose our sense of creativity due to too much exposure to digital media.

Some experts now believe that this dependence is one of the major causes of what they call “the death of the creative mind.” They say that as we keep looking at screens for longer and longer periods, our perception becomes blurred.

We start thinking that whatever we are reading, listening to or watching is already perfect – so why try to make it better?

This can result in giving up trying new things, limiting yourself to only material you have prepared ahead of time, and never taking risks. It can also contribute to feeling tired, stressed out or overworked.

On top of all of these, heavy use of technology can prevent you from interacting with other people, and being conscious of your surroundings. All of these factors reduce mental health and wellness.

Fortunately, recent studies show that you can still enjoy a healthy amount of creativity while using tech smartly. Here are some tips for staying motivated without breaking away completely.

Do not stay online too long

how technology kills creativity

We have become so dependent on technology that we feel we must check our accounts every few minutes, and in turn, we are experiencing a loss of creativity.

As we spend more time looking at screens, it can begin to take over your life. You start relying on apps and software to do everything for you, from communicating with friends and family to finding what you want to read and watch.

This is especially true for young people today. According to an article published by Business Insider, one out of every five teenager says that they use technology as a form of self-help. For them, logging onto Instagram or YouTube helps them deal with their anxiety or depression.

There’s also evidence suggesting that teens who rely heavily on digital media may be developing social skills less quickly. The same study mentioned above found that teenagers who spent more than two hours per day using internet services were three times more likely to report feeling depressed.

Experts agree that this level of dependence is problematic. In his book “Living Beyond Money,” Joe Dominguez suggests that individuals should aim to cut down on screen time to achieve financial success. He writes that people who devote most of their time to tech will find it difficult to succeed in business, career, and personal endeavors.

Dominguez notes that excessive screen usage is similar to drinking alcohol — only fun during the day, but destructive later in life.

Become a good digital citizen

how technology kills creativity

We have seen how technology can easily consume your time, but what about creating new technologies? Technologists are in high demand, so there is never a shortage of opportunities to hone your skills.

Becoming more familiar with various software programs and platforms is a great way to do this. By educating yourself on the best ways to use certain apps, you’ll be able to create tricks and gadgets that most people wouldn’t know how to use.

By adding these tools into your repertoire, you’ll prove that you are smart and creative!

There are many free resources available online for anyone looking to learn their craft. You don’t need to spend money on expensive courses or training materials. By trying out different strategies, you’ll quickly pick up the fundamentals.

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