How To Adjust Time On Timex Marathon

Recent time adjustment reports have shown that some Timex Marathon users are able to manually adjust their watch times by one or two minutes at a time. This article will talk you through these steps so that you can enjoy your Timex Marathon while knowing it is correct!

Timex has made several changes to the way its watches work over the past few years, one of which was introducing an internal clock. The company now includes an automatic timing system in all new Timexes, including the Marathon.

This chip contains a start signal that activates every hour, then ninety (90) seconds later, it deactivates. It does this up until it gets hit with a strong external signal like sunlight coming into the face of the watch. At which point, it turns off totally for night time use.

Some people may be able to achieve this same effect by simply switching the wrist band position. If this works for you, give it a try before contacting us about service! Never force-change any bands though, as this could cause damage to the watch.

There is no need to send in your watch for service if you feel it is inaccurate.

Replace the band

After years of use, your Timex Marathon will begin to show signs that its bands are thinning out. This can lead to the watch stopping time-telling accurately due to lack of precision in measuring intervals.

Timex recommends replacing the black leather or plastic wristband with an new one every five years. They suggest buying from Amazon or another authorized seller to avoid any counterfeit bands.

You should also make sure the strap is thick enough for the length of the bracelet. A thinner band may cause it to slip up or down depending on how much weight you carry around.

To be safe, buy a second band that is at least one size larger than the current one so it fits properly. You could also get a slightly thicker band if needed!

After doing this, try running some tests to see whether the watch works correctly.

Loosen or tighten the straps

how to adjust time on timex marathon

With time, your Timex watch will show you how fast or slow you are moving through time. However, there is one thing that can prevent it from doing so properly-the strap!

Timexes come with either very tight or loose adjustable straps. A too-tight strap does not let go of the wrist easily, while a too-loose strap allows for more movement and can cause discomfort or even cut off blood flow.

A band that is tighter than needed may also hurt from overextension as the watch face presses into the skin when engaged. This could result in red marks and irritation. If this happens, try loosening the strap slightly until you find a comfortable position.

On the other hand, if the strap is too loose then the watch will not hold its shape effectively, which makes it difficult to read the time.

Run a battery test

how to adjust time on timex marathon

One of the first things we should do is run a quick battery test on your watch. While not everyone has this done for timezone changing, it’s helpful to know whether or not your watch will stay powered while you are!

Some people choose to switch off power-saving features during timechange season, which can reduce effectiveness of the watch. Make sure these settings remain in place!

You can also check if your wrist band is loose enough to cause water entry, as this could short circuit the sensor. If it is too tight, try using a thinner strap until you find one that feels comfortable.

Replace the battery

how to adjust time on timex marathon

The time you were able to spend watching television or listening to music depends on how well your watch works and whether it needs a new battery. If you are having issues getting through the first hour of use, then make sure that you have checked if the battery is working!

Timex has made replacing the batteries very easy to do. You can access them under the strap by lifting up the buckle and pulling out the battery. For best success, pull out both the back spring load sensor and the digital clock battery for one minute before inserting the new one.

A common problem with Timex watches is that the plastic case will get dry and crack over time, allowing water to seep in and affecting the accuracy of the device. Make sure to check yours for signs of this!

Hopefully you never need to replace the battery in your Timex Marathon, but just in case you do, here our fool-proof way to do it! Good luck and keep an eye on these tips forever.

Check the time

how to adjust time on timex marathon

The first step in fixing your Timex watch is to make sure it’s working properly. You can do this by checking the time. If it’s not showing correctly, then go into the manual and see if there are any tips or tricks that will help you fix it!

But before you begin messing with anything else, check the time first! Sometimes, when people have trouble getting their times to show correctly, they forget to update the time at the bottom of the screen.

This article will talk about some things you can try to fix your Timex watch and how to check the time on one.

Replace the watch

how to adjust time on timex marathon

A timepiece is considered past its prime when it can no longer be adjusted. With technology moving at a lightning speed, smart watches are one of the hottest products around.

They look similar to an ordinary wristwatch, but have different features than most watches. For example, some feature touch screens or GPS trackers. Others keep tabs on fitness data or send messages through smartphone apps.

Many people drop their old watch because it becomes outdated, but with the right care you can easily find a new use for it.

If you’re looking to get rid of your Timex Marathon, you do not need to throw it away! Many sellers online will offer good prices for a compatible watch. Or you could try buying a new one from us here at We sell authentic Timexes as well as high quality fakes like Casio Altairs and Swatches.

Test the time again

how to adjust time on timex marathon

The first step in fixing your Timex watch is to test it! You can do this by using one of our synced devices or via an app that has been verified as working with many types of Timexes.

If you use an app, make sure to have it sync before checking the time. You should also check for battery saving modes which will change the white glow of the face. These settings cannot be restored so make sure you have enough power left to fully test the watch!

You can also take it apart and see if there are any parts that need to be replaced. Although this is not necessary to fix the clock, it can help determine what part needs to be changed.

Use a strong wind shield

how to adjust time on timex marathon

After you have spent all of your money buying Timex watches, it is important to know how to take care of them!

One of the first things people notice about a Timex watch is its lugs or attachment points. The lugs are where the bracelet attaches to the timepiece. Unfortunately, most straps can’t hold up under heavy use for very long before they need to be replaced!

The best way to maintain your Timex strap is by replacing it every six months. There are many places that sell Timex band replacements, but make sure you get quality ones from an authorized seller.

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