How To Be An Entrepreneur In India

India is in the throes of a significant transformation.

Millions of young Indians are getting rid of the securities of a job and beginning up, and an entire community is very encouraging.

This post talks about how young entrepreneurs in India can start their journey.

An entrepreneur needs to have integrity

Bureaucracy, licensing, and strict red tape also make it very difficult for the average person to navigate starting a business. Funds and capital are other reasons that starting a business is difficult. India ranks low on the Global Innovation Index.

What India requires today are genuinely inspiring business owners, founders who don't just launch, build, and scale sustainable organizations—they also do it by sticking to the straight and narrow.

An honest business owner with high requirements of individual stability will produce an aura around him or her, which will influence coworkers to work harder, create regard among providers, and make pleased consumers.

Most significantly, personal integrity will set the requirements for an exceptional corporate culture that will produce a high-efficiency environment.

So much effort is spent in attempting to figure out the reality of financials, the originality of product or services, the complete satisfaction levels of customers, the dedication of senior workers, the legality of agreements, etc.

A successful entrepreneur invests seven things into his startup—blood, sweat, tears, mind, body, heart, and soul.

These manifest themselves respectively in types like versatility and keeping an open mind on things; perseverance and effort; humility; intelligence and sharpness of idea; a predisposition for speed and action and pure passion for the venture.

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Entrepreneurs who did it in India

King Sidharth

For business owners, it is rather tough to fit in a boring world. The life of King Sidharth shows such principles.

Never did he stop his discovering curve. While studying in school, as an 11-year-old-kid, King Sidharth was imaginative and positive about his interests.

Shravan and Sanjay

Shravan and Sanjay, siblings aged 17 and 15, respectively, are the youngest Mobile Application Developers in India. The company aims to develop an easy technological option for the digital world.

When asked about how they managed to achieve this accomplishment, the siblings reacted by saying "reading books and solving the issues given to them".

Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta resembles any other Mumbai teenager. But the resemblances stop there. Tilak is a budding business owner who has founded a logistics startup.

He offered the concept to a banker and persuaded him to give up the task and join him as the President, and likewise trapped the famed Dabbawalas to assist him with the last-mile distribution.


Meet Mehta (Young Indian Entrepreneur), a 13-year-old young boy, who released his company Papers N Parcels in 2018, to alleviate courier services in Mumbai. His startup is dedicated to bringing small parcels and papers within Mumbai for an assured intra-day shipment.


Advait is an Indian computer system programmer and a Teenage Internet business owner. Ranked 4th in Wikia's Young Entrepreneurs Under 20 list of 2017, Advait remains in a different league from the average pre-teen. He is the creator and CEO of Apex Infosys India. He is Google, Bing, and Hubspot Qualified Expert.

When kids of his age were hectic playing computer games, he organized a yard sales and got his very first earning, which in itself talks in volumes about his point of view towards life.

Not all kids have the enthusiasm for doing different things when others listen to their seniors; some have the guts to think beyond the usual and show the world they're possible to increase.

Where to start?

The way to begin is to quit talking and start doing Walt Disney. Think big and flood your mind with positivity to accomplish success while starting up.

Running a business is a learning curve and is not for the fainthearted. You have to decide what you desire and then wholeheartedly devote to it, which generally is a proven method to be successful.

The next step towards transforming the idea into an effective chance is to perform an impartial SWOT (Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis. A business will go a long method if the creator and employees take note of even the most minor information, which frequently has the power to make or break it.

Ensuring that you work with skilled and inspired employees who will provide the service, they all must be the priority, a location that a lot of company owner neglect. Too many business owners make the error of actively thinking that they and their businesses are unsusceptible to failure.

It's never easy to start a company

Entrepreneurs are often misunderstood as people with significant characters, a big hunger for danger, and absolutely no worry of failure.

Though this may be true for some creators, a significant majority of business owners have their moments of doubt and typically lose control of their feelings. What sets them apart is the enthusiasm and never-failing vision that they have for their concept.

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