How to Create a Sales Funnel for Growth

A sales funnel streamlines your sales process, attracts new consumers, improves lead conversion rates, and allows your organization to go farther into the market. Despite the fact that the customer journey has been a hot issue for years and continues to be relevant despite new techniques and methods, a shocking proportion of businesses ignore optimizing it.

Only 32% of companies, according to Pardot, spent time analyzing their sales funnels.

The Covid-19 outbreak drove many people to abandon their offline businesses and resort to the internet. A corporation must supply enough information on its goods to educate prospects in an automated way in order to thrive in the innovative area. That is exactly what the sales funnel accomplishes.

What is a sales funnel and how does it work?

A sales funnel, also known as a customer journey, is a series of buying steps taken by a prospective client. For example, if a person craving sweets comes across a candy store with a reasonable price advertised at the door and a knowledgeable salesperson, they are likely to purchase the goods.

The customer's journey in this example consists of a particular issue, a timely offer with a detailed product description, and action. A purchase is made when all three pieces are combined.

A sweets fan would most likely walk by without seeing the solution if the candy store did not properly educate a person of its items. This example is basic, yet it illustrates the complete sales process. Companies must optimize it in order to gain the maximum value.

More revenue and customers are generated by a good sales funnel. However, the company's excellent performance is dependent on the client journey being visualized — the sale must be made at the appropriate location and at the right time.

Stages of the sales funnel

In the internet world, there are three aspects to the sales funnel: awareness and discovery, research, and buy decision.

Awareness & exploration

People are continually having problems. They may vary from a simple issue like the one we just discussed to something far more serious.

The process of discovering a solution, regardless of its complexity, is all about learning and thorough investigation. To get all of the information, prospective customers first go to well-known sources such as their preferred media publications or Google Search.

People often ask inquiries like "Where can I buy a green bathtub?" or "How do I brush my dog's hair?" in order to locate the goods they want. They next voice the issue and seek out an authoritative figure who is familiar with their issues.

To create trust at this level, the organization must provide material devoted to a certain issue. People who are trusted become prospective clients or leads.


Leads are now actively studying the company's offerings. This is due to the fact that inquiries get much more detailed. Instead of seeking guidance on how to brush their dog during the Research stage, prospective consumers now hunt for a comb to perform the job.

Content such as product manuals or insights are required to drive them farther. Finally, after weighing many possibilities, leads come to the firm with any remaining inquiries. They become qualifying leaders at this point.

Making a purchase

This is the ultimate conclusion, when clients may either purchase or leave. They had completely defined the issue, learnt what they needed to know, and selected their favorites.

This time, they must choose a final option based on cost or product features. Customers look to resources like FAQs, live demonstrations, and product videos at this point. This kind of material instills trust in qualified leads and prepares them to take the next step.

Customers go through a sales proposal and a negotiating process here. The firm will obtain the sale if everything was done right.

Your sales funnel can be automated

A corporation requires sales management software that addresses the main business demands in order to automate the sales funnel. You may select between a complete solution and something more particular from a wide variety of possibilities available online.

While the latter is ideal for specialized jobs, the former gives businesses greater control. You can handle all three phases of the sales funnel with sophisticated solutions like automated email templates, online sales assistants, and workflow automation.


Pipedrive has spent years building an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform for small and mid-sized enterprises to maximize sales. Pipedrive also contains the tools needed to help clients through decision-making processes and for the organization to have a better understanding of its consumers before they become qualified leads.

Smart Contact Data, for example, aids in the discovery of more client information prior to deep interaction.


Nutshell is a program that automates your email marketing and puts your sales on autopilot. The sales funnel is an important aspect of any marketing plan since it allows you to automate operations in your company.

You can use Nutshell to produce a sequence of emails for your leads depending on their behavior as they go through the sales funnel. The Nutshell Sales Funnel automates the process of converting website visitors into paying customers by supporting your sales funnel from top to bottom.

Nutshell is a sales pipeline automation application that enables you to close more offers in less time.


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Thanks to Peter Navarro at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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