How To Demonstrate Time Management Skills In Job Application

As seen with the job loss of many recent college graduates, employment opportunities are not easy to come by for those who lack time management skills.

Time is a valuable resource that every person has access to, and how well you manage your own can determine whether or not you have success. If you do not learn how to manage your time, then it will be spent on something else – yourself most likely!

The more time you have invested into things such as education, career development, personal relationships, etc., the better you will fare in the workplace. You will know what is important and should be focused on, and there are ways to prioritize and focus on the most crucial tasks.

Employers look at time-management as an essential skill when hiring someone. Many employers believe that people with good time management skills can handle their responsibilities while working under deadlines.

Furthermore, professionals with strong time management skills can easily adjust to changing situations due to external factors such as work assignments and life commitments.

This article will go over some helpful tips on how to demonstrate effective time management during your next job interview.

Check your email

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

In this digital age, it is almost impossible to survive without an internet connection. With emails being one of the most common services we use online, it makes sense that you would need to have an account to prove that you can handle time efficiently.

Most employers check candidates’ accounts to make sure they exist and are active before giving them employment. They look for evidence of self-management by verifying that you own your own domain name and password, that you use email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo!, or Outlook, and that you access your messages regularly.

If you cannot be bothered to maintain these things, then chances are you will not get hired because you do not seem committed to the position. You may also be accused of wasting company resources by leaving work unfinished and waiting until later.

In fact, over half (51%) of all employees say their employer asked about their ability to manage their personal life during job interviews.

Respond to emails

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

In today’s digital age, with almost everything done online, it is easy to forget that people still send each other messages via email!
As mentioned earlier, staying organized is one of the most important time management skills you can develop.

One area where many professionals fall down is responding to emails. If you use email as your main form of communication, then this becomes an issue.

If you are too busy trying to make progress on all of your projects, you may not have enough time to respond to every message you receive. This could hurt your relationships or even cost you jobs if your colleagues do not believe you will reply to them.

It is very common for employers to expect their employees to check their emails at least once a day, if not twice. They also want to see that they have reasonable response times – sometimes just a few minutes is all that is needed.

By having these things prepared ahead of time, you will be more likely to take care of business without wasting any time doing so. This will only enhance your productivity and self-control.

Take phone calls

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

After you have finished all of your applications, it is time to make a rule for yourself: no more phone calls will be answered unless they are from a professional or business call.

If you receive a call that requires your attention, take note of their information and get back to them as soon as possible! This will show employers that you are efficient with time and able to prioritize tasks.

For example, if someone needs help organizing an event, put aside some time to do so immediately after receiving the call. You’ll also have to factor in how long it takes to reach you by phone, email, or text message.

By having this policy, you will save time in the long run because you will not be distracted with work and other commitments.

Finish important tasks that you started

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

Even if you just put off doing something for two days, your job application will be severely hurt due to this delay. It is very common to start job applications at the end of the day or early morning and then get distracted by other things.

If you have been putting off writing down your references or editing your CV, do it now! If you have been waiting until last minute to send out all your emails, DO IT NOW!

In fact, these types of things can easily be done via apps such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. This way, you don’t need to go into one of those web browser windows where you might accidentally leave some information exposed (like your email address).

Organize your home

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

A large part of time management is organization. You will save yourself lots of time by organizing your things ahead of time. Starting with cleaning out your dorm or apartment, keeping your room organized and starting early can help you achieve this.

If you have to run an errand, you can pull up Google Maps or make a note on your phone so that you don’t have to look up directions. This way you can focus more on getting back to work and less on looking for something!

Keeping your desk clear and organized will also help you find everything easily. Make sure your computer, phone, and other small devices are accessible and easy to use. Don’t put them away until you know you won’t access them!

You want to make sure there isn’t anything you left behind during your shift, which could mean grabbing it right after work or before going to sleep. If you left anything at work, you can either go get it now or pack it and take it along next time.

Do a housekeeping routine

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

A great way to show leadership is by establishing routines that ensure things get done effectively every day. By having clear start, stop and end times for each task, you create consistency and efficiency.

Having a morning ritual can be doing yoga or exercising, making breakfast, showering, grooming yourself, and putting on your favorite sweatshirt or shirt. Then, organizing your workday from there!

Planning what you will do next starts the process of getting organized. Once you have this plan, you must follow it with precision.

People who are successful take time to prepare before they go about their business and then keep track of how they use their time once they begin working.

Time management doesn’t happen overnight but if you want to see results, you need to put in the effort now.

Plan your week

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

A lot of job seekers begin their day with what they call “the work day.” This is typically done before bed or soon after waking up, depending on what time of the day it is. They start planning their schedule for the next day by opening each task on an app, computer program, or smartphone that has not been used previously.

This can be done manually, but most people use an automated system now. An example of this would be using Google Calendar to organize all of your tasks.

After you have organized yourself, then you should make a plan for the day! If you wake up late every morning, you may want to consider getting a second job to invest more time into yours. Or maybe you could spend less time watching TV and surfing the net and instead do something productive like exercise or study.

By having a starting point, you will know how to manage your time effectively. You will also feel happier because you made yourself prepare for the day.

Make and plan your day

how to demonstrate time management skills in job application

It is important to make time for work every day, even if you have no idea what you will do with these hours. This way, your job can organize or give you an assignment during this time, so you are not wasting any of it.

If you start having ideas about how to use your planned time, go ahead and do that! But be sure to set aside enough time at first to explore those possibilities.

You would also want to account for unexpected events in your daily schedule. For example, if one of your colleagues comes to talk to you after hours, you may need to attend their meeting or stay late to discuss things.

This happens all the time in professional settings, so prepare for such situations by being aware of your commitments and having back up plans.

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