How To Get Certified In Emotional Intelligence

People have studied emotional intelligence (EI) for more than two decades, but it’s only recently that it has become mainstream. Even though there are no professional certification programs for EI at this time, there are several credentialing organizations that offer accreditation for practitioners who are engaged in the field.

The term “emotional literacy” was once used interchangeably with emotional intelligence, but today most experts agree that they refer to two different things. While both emphasize the importance of understanding emotions, people with high emotional literacy also use their skills to manage their own emotion and relate to others, whereas individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence apply those skills to improve how other people feel and be better stewards of their own feelings.

This article will discuss some ways you can build your emotional intelligence through education and practice.

Take a class

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

One of the most popular courses right now is one offered by Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education called “Practicing Emotional Literacy.” This eight-week course costs around $600, but some people get extra benefits like a certification.

Participants who earn this certificate can show they have mastered emotional literacy. They are also able to use their certification to develop their career as an emotionally intelligent leader or trainer.

There are only about 50 people every year that receive this recognition so it is not easy to find. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, then this is definitely something worth looking into!

You will learn how to recognize, understand, manage, and use emotions for effective performance. You will also explore the link between emotion and skill development and learning.

Read up on it

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

Recent developments in emotional intelligence (EI) have made this skill set more accessible than ever before. You can now gain certification as an expert in EI! There are several reputable organizations that offer professional certifications, so do your research and pick one that fits you well.

The term “emotional literacy” was first coined by Daniel Goleman in his best-selling book The New Psychology of Relationships. He described it as the understanding and management of emotions in relationships and in the workplace.

Since then, there have been many theories about what makes someone feel good or bad, and how to improve their emotional regulation skills. These theories include mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), compassion practice, among others.

Some studies suggest that people with higher levels of emotional literacy are better at job seeking experiences, recovering from life changes and crises, interacting with other people, and functioning socially. On the other hand, lower levels of emotional literacy may make it harder for individuals to deal with stressors and negative feelings, which could potentially contribute to mental health issues.

This article will talk more about why developing your emotional literacy is important and some ways to achieve this.

Practice self-awareness

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

A major component of being an effective leader is having solid understanding of yourself. This includes your strengths, weaknesses, habits, and emotions. Being aware of these things makes it possible to improve upon them.

By this we mean that you could be doing something well, but if you are not conscious of what made you successful last time, then it’s hard to repeat that success.

With emotional intelligence, there are several tests to determine your level. Some examples include:

The EQ Test – which asks about empathy, compassion, etc.

– which asks about empathy, compassion, etc.

Be honest with your self

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

As mentioned before, there are many ways to get certified in emotional intelligence. You do not have to be an expert in EI theory to feel confident about yourself and your skills. All of us has natural tendencies for certain behaviors that help us relate to others and understand them.

By practicing these techniques, you will learn how to recognize and manage your own emotions as well as other’s. And although it may seem like a cliché, “fake it until you make it” applies here!

Start by being honest with yourself about what areas you need work on. Then, use this article or some other source to find out more about changing those habits and/or developing new ones.

Be honest with others

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

Being able to identify your own emotions and those of other people is one of the key skills that emotional intelligence has given you control over. When you are aware of what someone else is feeling, it helps you understand them better and vice versa.

By being conscious of your own feelings, you will be more willing to talk about them and recognize they are not yours alone. This can help you deal with your personal relationships as well as work ones.

At work, for example, if you notice that some members of staff seem angry or stressed out most days, this could indicate there’s no longer enough money available to pay their monthly bills.

They may feel pressured due to time constraints, so try and take time off to address these issues. If possible, see whether anyone needs help managing their stress at home; many workers suffer because of poor family relations.

In both cases, remember that your job does not belong to you – it was granted to you, along with any promotion, by someone who made a decision to promote you.

Be honest with how you feel

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

We tend to put more emphasis on what we are not rather than what we are, which is why it can be hard to recognize your own strengths. You may also underestimate yourself or believe that you cannot do something because of a past failure.

When was the last time you told someone they were doing a good job? Or even gave them a compliment? A lot of people start their day by telling themselves “I could never do my best at this” or “I am incapable of achieving such goals.”

The truth is, you are the most capable person I know. You are very intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and hardworking, and so on. You are able to show empathy and sympathy, and you understand relationships well.

You are aware of your weaknesses but have strategies for overcoming them. You try your hardest to fix those weaknesses but don’t get too obsessed with them.

Be honest with what you should do

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

Sometimes it can feel like there is no way to improve your emotional intelligence (EI). You try the best you can, but nothing seems to work. It’s like trying to teach yourself how to swim by diving into an empty pool every day!

It’s important to be aware of this concept and know that “emotion literacy” or “ECO” as some call it, is not easy to achieve. But you don’t have to feel discouraged, there are ways to get certified in ECO!

There are several certification programs for professionals who want to increase their EI. And while they all emphasize the importance of self-awareness and understanding emotions, none require taking courses about specific traits such as empathy, altruism, and pragmatism. This is okay because most people already have these skills to a degree!

Most everyone has little bits of empathy here and there, for example, when someone says something mean or hurtful. That is enough to establish baseline levels of empathic ability.

But learning how to use those small pieces of empathy to address emotional issues is what makes up true skill set in this area. So, whether you are looking to advance yours or another person’s, there are things you can do to boost your EQ.

Be honest with what you should say

how to get certified in emotional intelligence

Speaking about your own emotional intelligence is not easy, but it’s much more powerful than talking about someone else's EQ.

By asking people to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, they are bringing themselves into this discussion. This makes it easier to be authentic and ask them questions that matter to them.

The best way to get certified in emotional intelligence is by taking courses directly from the source- the field of expertise called emotional intelligence (or EI). Some of these courses are free while others can cost upwards of $500.

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