How To Know If Someone Has Emotional Intelligence

Over the past few years, emotional intelligence (or EQ for short) has become one of the most popular psychology theories. Essentially, it is described as how well you manage your emotions and relationships are a way to assess your EQ.

People with high levels of EQ show compassion towards others, understand other people’s feelings, are not easily influenced by emotions, are able to control their reactions to situations, and use social skills to achieve their goals. These individuals also tend to be more successful in life than those who are less empathetic.

It seems like every day we read about someone or something that has gone viral due to its spread of emotion. A good example of this is when the “Mental Health Awareness Week” was announced in April. This event gathered much attention because many people feel stressed out and overwhelmed with all the pressures in our lives at present.

Many seem to be experiencing heightened amounts of stress related to work, family, and financial obligations, along with general changes happening around them. In fact, a study conducted back in 2005 found that over 50% of Americans were exposed to at least one major life crisis per year![1]

Given these findings, developing your own emotional resilience can help mitigate some of the negative effects that stress may have on you. Luckily, there are several strategies you can implement into your daily routine to improve your overall mental health.

They are able to reflect on their own emotions

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

A person with strong emotional intelligence can recognize their own feelings and how they affect others. They also know what kind of reactions other people have when faced with certain situations or individuals.

This understanding comes not only from experience, but also through education and self-reflection. People who have high EQ can identify why something makes them feel one way about someone or something and then think about all the reasons it is wrong.

They understand that sometimes things go wrong for no reason and that people may say or do things without thinking about the consequences. All this aside, there are some strategies that trained emotional quotients (EQs) use to help regulate their emotions.

They are able to identify their own emotions

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

One of the most important things that people with high emotional intelligence can do is recognize their own emotions. You may have heard stories about someone who seems completely detached from reality, or someone who doesn’t seem to care very much about other people.

This isn’t necessarily due to them not having empathy, but rather because they don’t feel many emotions themselves. If you look in the mirror and see only your face, then you aren’t aware of all the other shapes you're making with your body.

By paying attention to your own feelings, you will be better equipped to understand what others are feeling and why. This will help you relate more effectively to other people, and bring out the best in those relationships.

You'll also learn how to manage your own emotions more efficiently. It's tough to expect anyone else to do this for you, so it's a good idea to get into the habit yourself.

They are able to describe their own emotions

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

It is also important to know what people feel like they understand about themselves, how they conceptualize emotion. This can be done through asking them about certain experiences or by observing how they interact with others who have similar levels of emotional intelligence.

People with high EQs recognize that everyone feels stress at some time. They realize that it’s not personal — it’s just part of being human. And they learn how to manage those stresses in productive ways.

They understand that anger is a natural response to things that hurt you, but could potentially do more harm than good. For this reason, most people with high EI regulate their temper before letting it take over.

When someone else’s angry reaction makes you feel bad, there's an okay place for yourself to say “That made me feel uncomfortable, so I will go do something else now.” Or maybe instead of ignoring the situation, you try talking to the person about your feelings so you both can process what happened.

They can read other people’s emotions

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

Another important quality of emotional intelligence is being able to recognize or identify what emotion someone else is feeling. This allows you to understand why they are behaving in a certain way and whether there is something that needs addressing with them.

It also helps you determine whether they deserve praise, criticism, or sympathy for their actions. If you are trying to help someone deal with an issue, it is very important to be aware of how much energy they have left and whether they need a break, so you must know when to offer such things.

If you don’t know anyone who has emotional intelligence, you may find it hard to believe that this is even possible, but it is! There are many ways to learn how to do this, and you can start by reading our article on some signs you might have low self-esteem.

They can use their emotional intelligence to inspire others

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

People with high EQ are not only able to identify and understand emotions, but they also use those emotions to motivate others. When someone else is having an hard time feeling good about themselves or their life, you can offer them some tips or suggestions that could help them feel better.

You may be surprised by how often people come looking you for advice. By putting yourself in their position, you will know what things make them feel discouraged or depressed about their lives.

If you have noticed such a person, it is worth asking whether they would like your opinion on something they are trying to do. For example, would they rather read a book or go out with friends tonight? In both cases, reading a book is more efficient than going out, so why not recommend that one instead of taking public transportation?

By showing an interest in other people, you develop strong interpersonal relationships. Since we live in a society where almost everyone has access to technology, offering helpful information through that channel is another way to contribute.

Using our knowledge of emotion, try to determine which ones are important to this person. If you notice that they are crying, it is probably because they need help figuring out what made them unhappy today.

They can manage their emotions

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

One of the most important things that people with high emotional intelligence do is learn how to control their own emotions. You will not enjoy reading this article if you are always keeping track of your feelings!

Many people have a hard time letting go of hurt or anger, which sometimes makes them say or do things they later regret. In fact, there’s some research suggesting that being able to regulate one’s own emotions helps predict job success in the workplace.

So, whether you're talking about an argument with your partner, parent, sibling, friend or colleague, it's worth checking out how they handle their own emotions.

They can be assertive

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

People with emotional intelligence are not afraid to show their emotions, even when it is difficult. They may also have strong feelings themselves, but they are able to control them.

They will try hard to calm down and think about what needs to be done before acting on any given situation. This way, they do not overreact and hurt others around them or go too far in their actions.

They understand that people say things for a reason and that you should never assume something about someone unless there is proof. This goes both ways — they are aware of how people feel about them and sometimes make assumptions that are not true.

It seems like these people cannot handle being put under pressure, which is why they usually take charge of the situation before anyone else does.

They can handle difficult situations

how to know if someone has emotional intelligence

A person with high emotional intelligence can easily put themselves in another’s place, which is a powerful thing. You would do this by putting yourself in their situation or imagining what they are going through. This helps you understand how they could feel after something happened.

You also have to acknowledge that there are both positive and negative emotions we all experience. Some things may be more important to us than others but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. It just means we value them differently.

Emotions connect us as humans so understanding why someone else feels a certain way can help settle an argument or facilitate problem solving.

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