How To Make Money As A Teenager Germany

This article will discuss how to make money as a teenager in Germany. All those people who have troubles making money as a teenager or any other reasons like other reasons you have to make money in other reasons it’s also very hard to have money for a teen especially if you in Germany you live in a tiny city area are unemployed, don’t speak English, don’t own a car or you don’t speak any other languages you won’t be able to get a good job with your language skills.

But don’t worry I have a solution for you so if you need money to survive I will give you the most reliable sources on how to make money in Germany and other countries also in Europe so you can live a comfortable life.

In the first place you need to understand that at all ages and stages of your life in the past, I have noticed that money is the number one concern.

Just think about it it’s because we are raised by the society that we don’t know how to handle money or you wouldn’t be able to be on your own without help from anyone or worse you wouldn’t be able to make money on your own or your self-esteem is lower than those who have higher needs.

If you are a teenager you will have a new identity and a new identity means you will have some responsibilities and tasks which means your job is to earn money.


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When you are in your early teenage years your parents will want you to stay in school and take the higher or the most advanced classes which means that you need to study, it’s the right thing to do when you are a teenager so you can be a responsible person.

If you will study and your parents will allow you to travel to another country to study and you will manage to do your studies and have fun and be a good student at the same time you will have a chance to have a good job and earn money later.

So that’s the good news about studying and taking higher classes in school so you have an opportunity to study for free for the next 5 years.

The bad news is that you need to follow the education schedule and obey your parents, if you will fail at some level your parents will kick you out of the house but if you don’t have an education you are a failure so study and make sure you will pass those tests.

High school and university

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After your schooling, you have the right to choose whether you will go to university and get an advanced degree or just college for general studies which is mostly about English, History, and Math.

It’s also ok if you don’t have a high school diploma you can go to college and you can start studying for free after you have passed all the first classes and you pass the end of the first semester of college classes.

If you want to do university and you think you're studying abroad you need to prove your school for one year or two years.

For example, you will need to pay for your English lessons if you are from the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom and English is your second language and a school in Germany or if you want to do French in France or Spanish in Spain.

You can prove that you need a special program for studying in another country in exchange for a free university. If your school will pay for the trip for you after the first two years to the second university, you need to stay in the dorms.

Earn money on video games

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Many video game developers are hiring people for 2-4 hour video game coaching jobs.

The job is like a private tutor because the player will be in a room with you and you will teach him or her the game and the player will do the exercises by pressing buttons on the controller and all you have to do is to talk to him about the rules of the game and help him to solve some problems.

In the jobs, you get a free copy of the game and you will be paid according to the hours you work. If you are doing a 5-hour job and your hourly rate is $100 or $200 an hour you will make about $200 an hour or $1,200 a day.

If you are doing a 10-hour job you will make $400 an hour or $2,000 a day.

Here are the salaries of video game coaching jobs:

  • Xbox Live Free Play (worldwide): $50-120/hour
  • Xbox Live Free Play (US): $90-180/hour
  • Xbox Live Free Play (Canada): $100-200/hour
  • Xbox Live Free Play (Australia): $90-200/hour
  • Xbox Live Free Play (New Zealand): $85-180/hour
  • Xbox Live Free Play (Europe): $110-200/hour
  • Xbox Live Free Play (Asia): $100-200/hour
  • Console Games (digital): $30-50/hour
  • Console Games (download): $60-80/hour

If you really want to earn money by doing video game coaching you have to look at the state and the number of players who play the games and you will find the demand for it.

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