How To Make Money At Home In Zimbabwe

This article will discuss how to make money at home in Zimbabwe for free. We shall discuss different ways you can make money by doing nothing, and I will also include how you can make some money by developing a green farm.

Zimbabwe is currently a very poor country, and one of the best ways to make money at home is by growing your own food.

The idea of growing your own food is not a new one, as most people have heard of it at least from an environmental and dietary standpoint.

Many people have found the practice itself to be both rewarding and empowering, as it can give them more control over their lives and a chance to make money from their own homes.

There are many different ways that you can do this, and while the exact method may differ from person to person, it generally boils down to following these simple steps.

Buying seeds

selective focus photo of plant spouts

The first step is to buy the seeds, of course. The seeds can be bought in bulk from online stores or specialized online shops. Online companies usually sell the seeds at very low prices to make the business appear more appealing, and in many cases will give discounts for bulk orders.

Some companies will also sell the seeds in smaller quantities, giving you a better chance of getting a good price for them. Of course, if you're planning on using organic seeds, they should be organic, which means buying them from a source like Seed Co.

If you're planning on growing things like tomatoes and other crops like salad, you should buy locally grown seeds, as this will cost more, but if you can grow them yourself, they will be much cheaper, and you'll know exactly what you're putting into your body.

Growing your own food

vegetables and fruits

There are several different ways you can grow food at home. Some people grow their own vegetables, and most others grow their own fruits.


Tomatoes can be grown from plants of various varieties. Most people grow their tomatoes indoors, but if you are going to be trying your hand at tomatoes, you'll also need to grow some heat-tolerant plants outside in a greenhouse.

The idea of growing tomatoes in a greenhouse is to catch the sun throughout the day, to give your tomato plants enough sun to produce fruit.


Another good crop you can grow is cherries, which can be done quite easily. Most cherry growers will grow the fruits indoors and also experiment with different varieties to see what's the best variety to use for producing their fruit.


Seeds are another important way to grow food, and this is very simple. You can buy the seeds online from places like John Surtees Seeds.

I am not entirely sure of the available varieties, but if you do try to grow any type of fruit or veg, I would recommend trying out varieties that are better at growing in the weather in Zimbabwe.

Fruit trees

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There are many different varieties of fruit trees, but the most commonly grown in the apple tree. You can buy these seeds for your particular fruit tree online, as well as other non-food fruit trees like lemons, passion fruits, and more.


The second most commonly grown fruit in Zimbabwe is yams. You can also buy these seeds online from the same places where you buy the other fruit seeds.

They cost quite a bit, though.


Strawberries are another popular fruit and can be grown from a variety of different types of seeds.

I have grown strawberries myself, and have found the variety you grow to be mostly limited to the variety that you buy.


Alfalfa, if you're thinking of growing it for your own consumption, is a great way to produce high-quality hay, which is a highly valued crop in the agriculture industry.

This can also be used as a cheap source of protein for livestock. You can also grow alfalfa in your garden, as it is not hard enough to withstand the conditions in the rainforest.


Peas are another crop that you can grow from seeds and have many different types available. You can also buy them in supermarkets if you want to grow them in the home.


Cabbage is another vegetable that grows well in the Zimbabwe rainforest climate. You can buy them from most grocery stores as they are also grown locally.


Beans are another crop that grows very well in the Zimbabwe climate and can be bought from grocery stores or garden centers.


Cabbage and lettuce are both great crops that grow in Zimbabwe and are easy to grow and very affordable to buy.


Raspberries are yet another crop that grows well in Zimbabwe and can be bought in the grocery stores from people who live locally.

Also, remember that many plant seeds can be started indoors.

This includes tomatoes, as well as many other things. Plant seeds about two inches apart in an open area that's warm, but not too hot. Water them at the same time you plant them in your garden.

I hope that this tutorial will help you grow your own food, and get your garden started.

There's no better way to appreciate the abundance of food we have available to us as humans than growing our own food.

Here's to a great season of growing food!

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