How To Manage A Zoom Meeting

As we continue our journey towards recovery, it is important to have strategies in place for meeting with others.

Meeting other people can be one of the most difficult things to do during times of transition or when you are feeling low.

By using technology such as zoom, you can easily meet up with individuals or groups to discuss anything from business to personal matters.

It’s easy to use and has many features that make it very accessible for everyone.

Given how much time we spend online every day, having ways to connect more effectively via computer software is essential.

With this article I will go into detail about what tools you can use to manage your meetings via zoom and also suggest some tips and tricks to keep the conversation going.

I hope these tips help you feel more prepared for those crucial conversations!

Zoom Meetings

Zooming out to talk across distances or even around the world is increasingly common due to the ease of use and availability.

Businesses use video conferencing services like Zoom for internal team discussions, board meetings and presentations.

Nowadays, almost anyone can create their own account and start hosting meetings.

There are several free accounts available but unfortunately they are limited in feature set. This means fewer customization options and less control over who can join.

This isn’t ideal if you want to allow just anyone to come along and chat.

Make the meeting place-friendly

how to manage a zoom meeting

It is very important to make your meeting location accessible for people with limited mobility or who cannot attend in person. You can do this by using the appropriate meeting software, offering alternative methods of participation like Google Hangouts, phone calls, or video conferences, and/or having the meeting at a time when and where there are few distractions.

Many professional looking meeting rooms that use free conference calling services such as GatherNow have access restriction features that prevent users from being able to call outside numbers. If you’re hosting the meeting, you could still invite those individuals over separately, but they would need to bring their own device and internet connection to join.

Another option is to use a whiteboard app instead of an online chat tool, since you can usually zoom in more easily than normal. This also gives anyone who needs it the ability to write down notes or look up information without needing a computer.

Personalize greetings

how to manage a zoom meeting

After you have joined a meeting, your next task is to personalize the chat! First, make sure you are listening to only one speaker at a time. This way, you can focus more on the person speaking and less on the computer screen or white noise that could be coming from another participant.

Next, start by greeting everyone in the room. For example, “Hello, my name is so-and-so, and I would like to welcome you all to our monthly meeting. My friend’s name is Barry and he will be talking about how to manage your money this month.” You can then mention their last name and his/her position too if they give them.

This way, each person knows who you are and what role you play in the conversation. It also helps people feel more comfortable since they know who else is involved. Make sure to include both first names and positions for others as well!

After introducing yourself, take some time to look around the room. If someone has made a comment, acknowledge it and see where they left off. Also, do not hesitate to ask other questions such as Who is here today? Or What did we talk about last week? etc…

These types of small comments help keep the flow going and ensure there is no lag in communication! When someone calls a break, get out a note pad or smartphone and write down any notes or messages you may have missed.

Be familiar with the meeting program

In addition to having adequate internet connectivity, you will need to be able to use the meeting application that you are using for your conference.

This includes being able to access and navigate through features such as the chat feature, sharing documents or files, and changing settings.

Some apps have their own keyboard and mouse tools which can be helpful if there is no computer attached to the participant’s device. However, these can usually be accessed directly from their device so it doesn’t matter too much.

Google Meet has an app on both Android and iOS so this isn’t an issue for most people. Microsoft offers similar software so making sure you are comfortable in using that is important as well!

Another thing to watch out for is whether anyone needs headphones or a microphone while participants are chatting. Some meetings don’t require this, but others do. Make sure everyone knows what time they should bring theirs, and how to use them.

Let people know what time it starts

how to manage a zoom meeting

Before the meeting begins, let everyone know when the meeting will begin and where it will be held. This way, anyone can choose not to attend or connect at that time of day.

People often have work commitments they need to keep so they cannot come to the meeting, even if they wanted to! If someone does get distracted and joins in later, there is still enough time for them to participate fully.

For some participants, this may be their first time using a video chat tool like Zoom, so having a short introduction or reminder is helpful. There are many free alternatives to Zoom too, such as Google Meet and Oovle.

Dress comfortably

how to manage a zoom meeting

Even if you are not hosting the meeting, you can still be helpful by offering your input and suggestions. You can do this through chat, voice calls, or video meetings. If you have a smartphone that has easy access to the internet, you can also join virtually for some tips and tricks.

Having a second set of eyes is very valuable when it comes to giving feedback. When someone you know goes into a meeting room, they may not have anyone watching their back. It can make them feel more exposed than before.

By being able to watch and listen, other people will feel more comfortable sharing things- about the business, personal issues, etc. This helps keep relationships strong and works in favor of improving teamwork and productivity.

Dressing casually is the best way to ensure full participation during a virtual meeting.

Make it clear you are not interrupting

how to manage a zoom meeting

While most people have used a computer before, few know how to use one in virtual mode. With the rise of virtually every profession being done through online meetings, this is something even professionals need to learn.

As a meeting organizer, your participants will come to you with different levels of experience. Some may be completely new to digital meetings, while others might have never been trained on technology but were assigned a microphone and speaker at their workplace.

There are several things you can do to ensure your attendees’ experiences are as seamless as possible. Starting with making the invitation clearly stating that this is not face-to-face time, then using the right tools and software to connect, all the way up to keeping conversations fluid and natural.

This article will go into more detail about each one.

Say yes to sharing your screen

how to manage a zoom meeting

It is very common these days for people to use the internet as a way to keep in touch. Whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues, staying in touch has become an important part of life.

In fact, according to research done by OnlineMeetingsChannel, over half (52 percent) of online meetings are considered “very productive.”

The reason why so many meetings end up being successful is because most people agree to have them before they happen. This helps prevent people from feeling pressured into attending even if they don’t want to.

By having pre-meeting conversations about what time slot would be best, and what agenda items needed to be discussed, everyone can choose the time that works best for them while still keeping the meeting organized and productive.

It also helps reduce stress since no one feels like they need to attend after agreeing to do so beforehand.

Be aware of your tone

how to manage a zoom meeting

When hosting a meeting via zoom, there are several things you should be aware of. First, make sure your tone is appropriate.
You want to make sure that you do not become too informal or chatty with people. This will not set a good mood for the rest of the meetings.

If you find yourself getting carried away during the conversation, take a break! Or ask someone to step in and help facilitate the conversation.

Also, remember that this setting allows for some extra body language such as rolling eyes, scratching face, etc. Make sure these things do not distract others from the talk.

Last, use time stamps to keep track of what happened while chatting online. Try using an app like Time Stamp or Doodle to easily add timestamps.

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