How To Manage Time Better In College

A lot of students get so focused on getting good grades, attending enough classes, and making sure they are spending enough time studying that they forget to prioritize their life.

They spend all day every day thinking about school and how to stay busy, which is great at first, but eventually things can start to fall by the wayside.

You will lose track of important relationships you have because you don’t see them often anymore. You will stop taking good care of yourself physically and mentally.

You will even start to suffer from stress-related diseases like cardiovascular disease or depression. All this added pressure can hurt you long term.

This article will talk about some easy ways to manage your time as an academic student. These tips will be cost free and simple to do.

General time management advice usually focuses on using your time efficiently, but these next steps go one step further and emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to time spent with people.

Here are five easy ways to manage time in college.

Wake up when your body tells you to

how to manage time better in college

Changing your sleep schedule is one of the most difficult things you can do as an adult, but it’s important to understand that it’s not healthy for you to stay up late every night or get too few hours of sleep.

If you need to wake up early to make classes, find other ways to manage your time. For example, if you have class at noon, try waking up around 10 AM so you are awake for an hour before school starts. Or take advantage of early morning classes that don’t require much preparation time.

You can also consider trying to go to bed later to save some time in the future. But remember, this will only work if you really want it!

Drinking enough sleep is another key factor in being able to be efficient with time. Make sure to drink enough sleep to feel refreshed each day.

Make an agenda

how to manage time better in college

Now that you have found your passion, you will need to figure out how to manage time well. This is the most important thing to do next!

The first step towards mastering time management is making an agenda. An agenda is a listing of all of your tasks and events for a specific day. You can use this list to determine what you should be doing each hour of every day.

Your schedule should be organized by area (school, job, hobbies), activity (studying, talking with friends, going to lunch or workout), and field (work, family).

By having separate sections, you can easily identify when you are overscheduled and create more focused times for different areas of your life.

Planning ahead and creating an effective schedule takes some effort at the beginning, but eventually you will get the hang of it.

Try new things

Changing your routine is one of the best ways to manage time in college. Doing something new can be exploring a school or area around campus, joining an organization, trying a food item for the first time, or even learning a new skill.

By adding these experiences into your daily life, you are creating more space in your schedule to do other things.

This also helps you stay motivated as you’re using resources that people have worked hard to ensure they work well.

If you're struggling to find the time to study, try doing it at a different time or under different conditions. Perhaps test out studying late night or early morning instead of during class hours.

You could also use technology to help you with studies. Some phones now have apps which feature interactive exercises or tutorials to learn a new lesson.

Do not stress about failing

how to manage time better in college

Failing an exam is definitely not your finest moment, but it does give you some valuable lessons. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the material, try grouping concepts together into one topic or area and testing yourself on that.

By breaking down the content into smaller pieces, you will feel more prepared and able to test yourself as each part gets shorter!

You may also want to try taking notes using different media such as pictures and diagrams instead of writing for better recall.

Lastly, do not get too stressed out about classes being over soon because next semester they will be even faster! Fall terms tend to go quickly due to winter break, so enjoy them while you can.

Make friends

how to manage time better in college

A lot of students get so focused on studying that they forget about other parts of their life. You should be conscious of this as an adult, it will not carry over into your adulthood if you do not.

In college, there are many ways to make new friends. You can join clubs or organizations, attend common events like free eating establishments, visit local museums, take part in sports, etc.

All of these things require time, but you will need to do them for extended periods of time to see results. No one is ever really busy, so find times to do these things and stay motivated!

If you are struggling to make new friends, try meeting people in different places and/or doing something fun that most others enjoy. This may help connect you with someone else your age who has similar interests.

Another way to meet more people is through social networking sites such as Facebook. By creating fake profiles, you can invite people to connect with you or you can create groups or pages to focus on certain themes.

Go to class

how to manage time better in college

One of the biggest time wasters for students is going to college classes that you don’t really want to go to. There are several reasons why this happens, but one big reason is because many students feel obligated to attend them.

Many professors require student attendance at their lectures, which can easily be a hundred people or more, and some courses even have assignments that require you to attend a certain number of classes.

By attending these classes, you are investing your time into the school, so it makes sense to show up. However, there are ways to manage your time so that you only spend those hours working or studying, not wasting them on a lecture you would rather skip.

Skip boring lessons Don’t feel like listening to an economics lesson today? Then stay home and study instead! Same goes for any other academic topic that you know well. You will save time in the long run by skipping unneeded lessons.

If you do decide to watch a bit less than usual of a class, try leaving early to get right off the campus and start studying! Or better yet, use the bathroom or talk with a friend outside the classroom building to make yourself busy until the bell rings.

Avoid staying after class Some classes may actually offer extra credit or rewards for coming late, but most likely, they won’t.

Do not procrastinate

how to manage time better in college

Procrastination is one of the biggest time thieves in our lives. It’s a sneaky little thief that can sneak up and totally take over your life.

Procrastinating means putting off doing what you need to do, usually for money or because you don’t want to deal with something.

But whether it’s cleaning your room, writing an essay, going to class, or choosing between two courses that feel about the same, none of these things are easy to put off so they all require action.

If you start taking steps towards a goal, then you may run into some delays, but you will spend much less time wasted than if you didn’t. You will also have more progress done since you spent those delay hours working on your project.

So how does someone stop this time robber? They make changes to their routine and psychology of postponement.

Stay hydrated

how to manage time better in college

A good way to manage your time is by understanding how much time you have each day. If you know what time you should be awake, wake up at that time every morning!

A great way to do this is by using an app called ‘The Best Morning Routines’. This app has you create a habit of waking up at a specific time every morning and it will help you organize other parts of your life from there.

For example, after you wake up, you can either go straight back to sleep or get out of bed and start doing something productive like studying or working on projects.

If you choose to study, you can use online resources or books to learn about the topic you want to focus on. You can also make use of old-fashioned school labs where you can meet with others for help or learning.

By being organized and aware of when you need to be somewhere, you will find yourself spending less time trying to schedule everything and more time doing things you wanted to do.

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