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Managing your time is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. It’s impossible to run a business that makes money without understanding how to manage your time, nor is it easy.

As entrepreneurs, we are always in search of more ways to organize our work so we can focus on what really matters – our businesses and ourselves.

That’s why I’m going to talk about something that has helped me and many other people get control over their time -- YouTube!

You may have heard of YouTube before — probably for watching cat videos or hip hop music. But these days, almost every major company uses YouTube to advertise their products and services.

Google, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Proctor & Gamble – they’re all using YouTube to promote themselvesor find new customers. And they’re not alone!

There are over 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube, which means there are a lot of potential viewers for just about anything. Plus, studies show that 94% of Americans use social media at some level, making this a very accessible platform. (source)

This article will go into detail on how to start managing your time via YouTube. So, make sure to take notes and be prepared to be inspired.

Set small tasks that you can finish in a few minutes

how to manage your time youtube

We’ve all got busy lives, work commitments and responsibilities we need to take care of. Plus, life just happens – unexpected things come up and you want to spend time with your loved ones.

It is very easy to get distracted and run out of time due to all these factors. That is why it is important to learn how to manage your time at home.

You should be able to identify what areas of your life require your attention and allocate your time accordingly. This way you will have enough time to focus on the things that matter most to you.

There are several strategies for time management. Some people say that making yourself do something else is more effective than trying to force yourself to do an activity you don’t like.

Try to prioritize your to-do list

how to manage your time youtube

A lot of people start spending time online with computer software or apps that can track how you use the internet. This is helpful in determining what areas of the web you spend the most time in and whether you are wasting time by watching videos instead of doing other things like writing an article or studying.

There are several good time tracking tools out there, but some feel more intuitive than others so do some research and try them out before investing too much time into it.

You should be aware of how many hours you spent on each app, as well as any background processes such as creating accounts for these apps. For example, when you first create an account for one of these time tracking applications, they may ask you to confirm your phone number or add this information as a login credential. Make sure to check up on this and save yourself from having to re-create all of your credentials later!

This article will talk about some easy ways to manage your time on YouTube.

Plan your week ahead of time

how to manage your time youtube

It’s easy to get distracted with all the things you have to do, so make sure that you plan your weekly activities out in advance. Create an index card for each activity and stick it in the appropriate place to keep track of them easily.

Weekdays can be busy, but you’ll still need to take breaks during the day. You should aim to take one 30-minute break every hour to give your body a chance to recover. This is also a good opportunity to grab a snack or drink something warm.

On Sunday, stay organized and start the next workweek at a steady pace! Don’t overwork yourself too much the last few days of the weekend as you will not have enough rest for the upcoming couple of days.

Planning and organization are both very important when it comes to time management. If you don’t put in some effort now, you may find yourself struggling later on.

Identify what is most important in your life

how to manage your time youtube

A few years ago, I made the difficult decision to prioritize my time. This was very hard for me as I have always loved to do things, but I needed to learn how to say no to things that are not truly important to me.

Prioritizing time takes work and will require you to be honest with yourself about what activities are worth your time. You will need to evaluate whether these activities are really meaningful and if they can be done by someone else or if you would feel comfortable letting go of part of your self-care if you didn’t enjoy them.

By learning how to manage your time, you will also find that you have more time left over to focus on the things that matter to you. These could be hobbies, relationships, career goals, etc. – anything that makes you happy and brings you joy.

I recommend using a journal to note down all of the tasks and responsibilities you have (work, family, friends, etc.). Then, use the column category ‘Important’ to decide which ones make sense to put into a separate folder or notebook to easily access them.

Limit social media

how to manage your time youtube

It’s easy to become addicted to social media sites, but before you start spending your whole day online, limiting yourself is important.

It’s totally understandable if you feel overwhelmed by all of the notifications and content that there are. There can be up to twenty-four alerts at any one time depending on which site you use.

You may also notice that you’re constantly thinking about how you could possibly spend more time on the site, or maybe even looking forward to using it.

That’s why it is a good idea to learn how to manage your time spent on social media sites. You should try establishing regular times when you use each site, and then keep yourself to those times. You can also consider creating limited accounts so you only have access to some features.

This way you will still get some parts of the service, just not everything.

Practice meditation

how to manage your time youtube

A good time for starting a meditation practice is in your twenties. When you are in your early twenties, there’s still some growth happening in your brain and stress can sometimes trigger responses in your body.

If you're in your twenties, this could mean stress due to personal or career changes, relationship issues, money worries, etc. Or it may be because your kids just won't stop crying!

Meditation helps you manage your emotions and aids relaxation. Plus, studies show that people who meditate have better emotional control than those who don’t – they're less likely to suffer from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Start with five minutes of meditation every day and see how you go. You might want to try a short period of time first, such as ten minutes, before building up to longer sessions.

Learn to work without checking your phone

how to manage your time youtube

The first step in managing your time is learning how to work without looking at your device every few minutes. You can make this happen by using an app that helps you dole out limited time onto tasks.

There are many apps that offer such features, but my personal favorite is called Analogue. It has a feature where you set aside time for each task, and then it automatically shuts off the timer when you're done.

You can also add notes or reminders before the timers so you don't forget what you were doing! This way, you'll be more conscious of spending time on only important things.

Stay focused

how to manage your time youtube

A lot of people start watching YouTube videos out and about to make some quick money or find their passion through creating YouTube channels. While that is great for them, it can become a problem if they want to keep growing.

If you watch too much content without establishing discipline, then you will never focus on developing your own channel and improving your skills. You’ll also lose interest in producing our own content because you don’t feel like you are making anything significant.

Don’t get distracted by what format the next video should be, how many views his/her last video got, or whether or not others have done something similar before.

All these things may influence what you create but only if you work hard to eliminate distractions. Otherwise, your motivation will quickly dwindle.

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