How to Market Well

It's a strange thing with marketing. Everyone has a concept of what it is, or what they think it is, but when asked to define it, individuals use a variety of different definitions to characterize the act and profession of marketing.

When people ask me what my job title is as the founder and brand director of a marketing company, I have a very simple response. However, when people inquire about what I do and I begin to describe it, their brows begin to rise.

This is due to the fact that marketing is such a complicated act and profession. It's so complicated that almost every marketer, including myself, has their own definition of what marketing is.

Marketing, in my opinion, is defined as "creating concepts to connect with consumers." Isn't it simple? It's also alliterative... This is an excellent marketing tool.

So, now that I've given you an outline of marketing's perspective and my definition of it, It's now time to offer you what you actually came here for: the steps to become a master at it. So, without further here's to become a fantastic marketer.

Know who you're dealing with and what they're like

Understanding people is the first step in becoming a successful marketer. In fact, virtually every stage in the process of being a great marketer entails getting to know people in some manner.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a psychology lesson (okay, maybe a little... But I'll try to keep it as short as possible).

The good news is that you're probably already very excellent at knowing people in some manner.

You undoubtedly knew which parent or adult you had wrapped around your little finger when you were a child. Am I correct?

Consider this: even as a baby, you knew when you needed to be fed and when you didn't. It's already ingrained in you to make a call to action when necessary.

Knowing people, on the other hand, requires a knowledge of what makes people tick in order to be a successful marketer. This entails being aware of their preferences and dislikes, as well as their fantasies and nightmares.

What they flee from and what they flee to.

You can only accomplish this by stepping outside of your comfort zone and conversing with individuals of all ages, nationalities, genders, races, and backgrounds. Consider this: how can you sell to different groups of individuals if you don't understand what motivates them to act?

Sure, simply knowing what one set of people wants may make you a successful marketer. Great marketers, on the other hand, can sell to anybody.

And the only way to accomplish that is to go out there and speak to individuals you don't know in order to get a better understanding of them. You'll have an advantage over the majority of other marketers in any business after you've done so.

Recognize tribalism

People join cults, gangs, religious organizations, fraternities/sororities, motorcycle clubs, and political parties for a variety of reasons. The lengthy answer is that individuals are naturally attracted to be a member of a group of people with whom they like, admire, or have same interests.

Tribalism is the simple answer.

“Behavior, attitudes, etc. that are based on supporting and being loyal to a tribe or other social group,” according to Oxford Learners Dictionaries. Because everyone is a member of a tribe...or wants to be — whether they acknowledge it or not — understanding tribalism is critical to becoming a successful marketer.

Whether it's joining a church, a reading club, or a country club, or simply wearing apparel supporting your favorite sports team...

It's all part of the tribalism tree. The easiest way for me to deconstruct tribalism is to say, "This is how we do it" (and no, not the song by Montell Jordan).

Every organization has a set of principles, traits, and regulations that all members must follow in order to be considered a member. You'll be able to successfully advertise to the organization if you know what it is (their "this"), how it works (their "how"), and why its members do what they do to be a part of it.

Since you've read this far, I'll tell you the most common reasons people join tribes. People join organizations primarily for the purpose of gaining status, which leads us to the following step in being a great marketer.

Recognize the importance of social standing

Status isn't everything...but it's certainly better than third place when it comes to how we perceive ourselves. People desire the house and the Ferrari for their status.

Because we worried so much about what our peers thought of us in high school, we wanted the finest clothing and cared so much about what they thought of us. Many individuals get worried when their social media postings do not receive any responses because of their status.

It is for this reason that individuals strive to win prizes and be acknowledged by their peers.

To be a successful marketer, you must realize that people buy goods for one of two reasons: they desire it or they need it. And the primary motivation for individuals to desire goods has everything to do with their social standing.

People are ready to spend a lot of money for a new Mercedes-Benz or a Hermès Birkin bag because of their emblems, not because of their characteristics. This is due to the fact that their brand is high-end, and their logos are symbols of prestige.

To be the great marketer you want to be, you must understand that everyone craves some kind of recognition from their peers and those they respect. Everyone wants to be famous.

Show me a brand that helps individuals improve their social standing, and I'll show you a very lucrative business (shout out to Apple and Instagram).

Become a fantastic storyteller

What caused the chicken to cross the street? Tension is the sensation you get while you're waiting to see whatever cheesy punchline I'll use to complete the joke.

And tension is there in all great tales.

You must be a great storyteller in order to be a successful marketer. And excellent storytellers make their audience feel tense.

A good storyteller understands how to keep his or her audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next – and how the tale will finish. And at the conclusion of the tale, the audience will be grateful they took the time to listen.

“When you know who your people want to become, you can tell a more relevant and resonant story,” author Bernadette Jiwa said in her book What Great Storytellers Know. The abilities mentioned above will assist you in determining who individuals want to become, and once you have that information, you will be able to give them a compelling narrative that will assist and convince them to take the required action.

Empathize with others

Empathy is the one quality of a successful marketer that isn't dependent on knowing people. It just entails understanding the distinction between good and wrong.

Your duty as a marketer is to provide value to a customer by assisting them in obtaining what they want. Not by duping people into devoting their time or money to something that solely serves your interests.

This article isn't titled "How to Be a Great Salesperson." All that would be required is for sales to be made.

Remember, marketing is defined as "creating concepts to connect with consumers," according to my definition. Connecting with customers entails ensuring that they feel satisfied with their time and/or financial commitment.

To be a successful marketer, you must respect the customer by being honest with them and understanding what the customer wants (even if you developed it) or needs, and then delivering it as promised. This also aids in the development of credibility, which will benefit you in the future when trying to convince people to take action.

The methods outlined above are intended to assist you in better understanding customers so that you can engage with them. Empathy simply means treating the customer the way you would like to be treated if you were in their position.


I've read a multitude of marketing books. In addition, I've taken a number of marketing courses.

While those books and classes taught me a variety of marketing techniques and approaches, none of them taught me the specific qualities required to be a successful marketer. If you follow the methods outlined above, you will become an excellent marketer who will improve the lives of your customers.

They'll reciprocate by doing the same for you.

Thanks to DeJuan Wright at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story. 

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