How To Tell A Girl Her Voice Is Beautiful

The biggest compliments in life are, I think, based on one thing only: the pleasure you receive from someone’s response to your act of creation.

I believe that anyone who has the capacity to create music and plays an instrument or writes for an audience has a story to tell, and that is what a great artist tells.

The process of forming a piece of music is a journey from thought to purpose.

Without the ability to find inspiration, to mull it over for some length of time before deciding to act on it, a piece of music is a fraud.

Art is about taking the raw material of your mind, your past experiences, and your observations, and constructing it into something communicable.

If you can achieve that within a certain genre, that in and of itself can be an achievement

person playing black and white piano

We are only ever truly happy when we’re working on something that we find our own, personal pleasure from.

The result does not matter as much as our ability to understand and appreciate the process and its outcomes.

I want you to realize that the ability to enjoy listening to someone’s expression is a demonstration of your own being, as well as theirs.

There is, quite simply, no greater treasure on earth.

I don’t need to sell you on this, I’m sure you’ve known all this your whole life.

But I can’t recommend enough the sheer joy that comes from listening to someone’s music.

I also have a certain interest in the field of vocal expression and singing, and have played with and taught in vocal ensembles.

So I’ll use this brief space to let you in on a little secret.

For a girl, your voice is the most beautiful thing she’s ever encountered in the world.

For a boy, it’s just the most delightful thing in the world.

The girl’s idea of a beautiful voice is a kind of specialization.

She’s quite specific in her definition of what a beautiful voice should sound like

woman in brown sweater wearing headphones

Four very distinct components make up the woman’s voice, and a man’s.

These components are called major, minor, modal, and melodic.

A female singer will often go by the name of ‘messy’, ‘feminine’, or even ‘cantabile’.

By this I mean that she is high register, her voice dips in and out of high notes with the ease of a ventriloquist and has a style that’s a cross between a woman and a boy.

Examples of these ladies and there are many, include (but are not limited to): Kate Bush, Kate Loder, Isobel Campbell, Roxette, The Gossip, Ugly Duckling (fictional band), Kim Wilde, Heather Small, Spandau Ballet, Kate Rusby, Alison Moyet, Mariah Carey, Engelbert Humperdinck, Barbara Dickson, and Christina Agulera.

A male singer’s voice is different.

His voice dips and rises in pitch with the ease of a tuning fork, and is specialized towards a very specific set of notes. This type of singing is commonly known as ‘clear’, or, as it’s more commonly known, ‘vocal fry.

There is a clear divide between a male singer and a female singer

guitarist holding black guitar

This division is a result of their different vocal delivery techniques, and how they use their voice in their style.

These techniques are not specifically defined but are spoken of in phrases such as ‘clean’ and ‘stressed’.

An example of a female singer is Beyonce.

This singer has a vocal delivery that has a pleasing quality to it, and an almost faultless sound. She’s often described as ‘clean’, or ‘vocal fry’.

An example of a male singer is Michael Bublé.

This singer has a vocal delivery that sounds ‘slurred’ or ‘heavy’ and sounds as though it’s been cut with a knife. He’s described as being ‘stressed’ or ‘vocal fry’.

Just to make the separation clear, a male singer will often go by the name of ‘severe’, ‘powerhouse’, or even ‘baritone’.

By this, I mean that he is extremely high register, often somewhere between tenor and bass. His delivery sounds like a machine gun going off in the guy next door’s garage.

Examples of these gentlemen include (but are not limited to): Buddy Holly, Dean Martin, David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Josh Groban, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Keith Urban, Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, George Benson, Smokey Robinson, Tommy DeVito, Keith Urban, David Sanborn, Chris de Burgh, Eros Ramazzotti, Michael Bolton, and just about anyone who has been in a big band.

Your voice is perfect. It’s a really cool-sounding one, too, and it’s what gets me going every time I hear you sing.

And that’s my silly little piece of advice for you.

Ok. So that’s a lie.

If you like great vocals, you may just like my latest project. (It’s the one from a few months ago that’s still the front runner for the third season of ‘Cupid’s Song’)

Or, perhaps you’ll want to see the fantastic piece of art created by a really awesome friend of mine to tie in with the song’s release.


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