How To Tell A Girl How Much You Want Her

Okay, take a deep breath, relax, sit back, and try to think of a girl that you really like.

What are her physical characteristics? What are her personality characteristics?

What about her speech, her sense of humor, and her hobbies?

What's her pet peeve, her quirks, or anything that makes her unique?

Even if you don't know a lot about a girl, these are good starting points to figuring out what kind of person she is.

That's the kind of girl that you want to go out with and get to know.

Think about who she is and what she's like and ask yourself, "Do I like her?"

If the answer is "yes," then you want to know how to tell her how you feel.

While most people don't think about this, this is the most common thing that anyone does that leads to a relationship.

Here is what we can talk about:

1. Introduce her to friends

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If she's someone you really like and you want to get to know her, then you need to make an effort to introduce her to people you trust.

For example, ask your friend to invite her to your birthday party.

Who cares what your friend thinks about her? He's your friend. He's here to help you meet girls and he knows what to look for.

Don't be like a jerk and make him or her feel bad if she isn't interested.

The next time he asks you to go out with his friends, you can be honest and ask why she's the last one on the list.

You know that if she really does deserve a second chance and you really like her, then she'll show up.

Make sure you're polite, no matter what, and make an effort to be a good friend to her.

And if she does show up, then you'll have the chance to spend time with her with your friends and she'll see that you're a real good guy.

Your friends don't know what she's like and they won't automatically like her because she's pretty or whatever.

But they're people and if they see you being a nice guy and treating her with respect and kindness, then they will accept her more.

Don't make her go out with you just because you want to, but make an effort to include her in some of the things you like to do.

2. Help her with projects


If you know she likes to be the brains behind projects and things, then this is a good chance to do them with her.

You may even come up with ideas that she might not have considered.

You could even make a list of things that you can do with her and work on them together.

For example, if you want to do a couple of projects together, like building something with LEGO's or making some buildings with Legos, then you could figure out what each other wants to do and then help her to do those things.

Another good example is a science project where you can each choose your own topic and then work together to come up with some sort of hypothesis.

Once you do that, you could go to the library and do some research to come up with a "technology" based project.

You could then discuss it and come up with a plan and figure out which science fair is the best place to submit it.

I'd suggest that you bring her to the Science Fair because then she'll know how much you care about her and her future.

Don't just show up and bring your own project.

Don't make her come with you because then you're leading her on and she won't like that.

Help her to come to the Science Fair and then go home and do your own project because if you do this together, you can both have a better experience.

Make sure to ask your teacher for advice on the Science Fair.

3. Spend time together when you can

We stood cliff side looking out upon the infinite horizon of life.

This isn't something that you just have to do because it's been assigned.

This is something you should really make an effort to do because you like her and you want to spend more time with her.

Whether that means sitting and talking or playing video games, just hang out with her while you can.

If you can't hang out when you can, then you should at least be doing it for the first few weeks.

Or even better, don't be a jerk and just invite her to do something you want to do with your friends so that she has a good experience.

Then after a few weeks, it'll be easier for her to invite you to do stuff with her because you'll probably be "ready" for her.

I know you're probably thinking that if you don't have time to hang out, then what's the point?

But if you go out every day with your friends, you'll probably be burnt out by the time you spend time with her.

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