How To Tell A Girl Misses You

If you are seriously trying to get a girl to miss you, then you need to understand this!

A woman may love you and love being with you but sometimes, she may not miss you.

The best way to discover this is by asking her to tell you when she misses you

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However, if she has already told you that she misses you, then there is really no need for you to ask her anymore.

If you had asked her a question regarding her memory of the time you spent together, you can confirm the assumption that she misses you, and you can then use it to your advantage to make her miss you even more.

Knowing how to tell a girl that she misses you will make it easier for you to get her into the same lovey-dovey frame of mind so that you can pursue her even more.

There is only one way to make sure you get her back after she leaves you – is to speak to her.

After she has left, she will probably think she has taken you for granted, she will think you are too clingy, or she may think that you do not value her.

The thing to do is to let her know she needs you and loves her.

You have to be able to talk to her and tell her that you miss her and you want to be with her, if not as a couple, but as a friend.

You must put it into words because if you just act as you miss her, it won't mean anything.

Say the right thing

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to put it simply and say exactly what you mean.

Take your time and say what you mean.

This is more important than anything else because women need to know that you mean business when you say the right thing.

Ask her

Make her get the hint.

Women love it when you don't expect anything from them and just go out and ask them out.

She may not think it is a big deal, but it is.

By doing this, you show her that you are a cool guy who doesn't need much, you don't need to ask her out and you don't need to ask for her phone number.

If she says yes, great. If she says no, then you don't care.

Don't be too jealous

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When you are a couple, you should share the same things as your partner.

Don't get jealous when she goes on dates with her ex, but if she is with a guy that you like, go and talk to her.

Tell her you are sorry she has a boyfriend, and that you will leave her alone until she returns.

Be polite

Do not get all bossy or rude.

This may be hard at first, but you have to work at it.

Women hate when guys are rude to them, especially when you are trying to get their attention.

Be an attraction

When you are single, focus on being attractive.

You may think you are unattractive, but if you attract girls, then you are probably attractive.

Treating her like a princess and being respectful is what every woman wants.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes we need a bit of a bad boy, and we need guys to be naughty, but a nice guy can have a nice girl, too.

Take her out

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Most of the time, girls will meet up with a guy to go out, not the other way around.

Do not make her chase you. If you do, you are wasting her time and she will forget all about you in no time.

So, be the first one to send her an invite to the club or a nice restaurant.

This will be the start of a relationship and she will fall for you.

Don't send chasing emails

We live in the 21st century, where everyone gets his/her own phone, and there is no need for a boyfriend to send email after email and calling her.

It can get very annoying and when she just ignores you, it might be time to call it a day.

In the end, she might not be right for you, so if you don't want to hurt her, then do not bother with trying to get back together.

Consider the long run

When you are dating, try to stay friends with your ex.

If you do not consider the long run, then you are going to create emotional pain in the end.

You should say you can't stand her, and then don't see her anymore. It might make her feel sad and you are better off just breaking up.

The same goes for guys, don't hurt their feelings, and walk away, they can find someone else, who is a better fit for them.

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