How To Tell A Girl To Shut Up

I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda hard to just tell a girl to shut up.

Sometimes you're forced to use an example, and sometimes you're the one that's being shut up.

However, no matter the situation, every time you decide to shut a girl up, you will be setting yourself up to a higher probability of meeting a girl you actually want to date.

Dating rules & consequences

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I know what you're thinking; why even give a girl advice on how to shut up?

I think it's because I always end up dating the same girls over and over.

So the advice helps me break the pattern and hopefully will help you break the pattern too.

First of all, let's talk dating and how it works. If you're anything like me, you're not going to pay attention in your psychology class.

However, you're going to pay attention to how to make a girl talk and shut up.

You will also pay attention to how to get dates with girls who are the same, or similar to your current girlfriend/hook-up.

Rule 1: Pay attention in your psychology class

It's easy to become consumed in the friendship aspect of dating, but you need to pay attention to your behavior.

As far as a rule of thumb goes, your behavior will usually dictate the outcome of your dating.

You can watch your behavior and see how it factors into your relationship with a girl.

If you get too focused on the interaction or the friendship you have with a girl, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you don't pay attention to your behavior, you're going to fall into some bad habits.

Rule 2: Don't get too spent on the friendship, but learn how to be yourself

When you're trying to have a successful relationship with a girl, you need to learn how to be yourself.

Part of being yourself includes sharing yourself with another person.

For example, you can be a dumb smart ass, but if you share your dumb ass side with someone, that relationship can turn into a friendship.

However, you can't stop there. You also need to learn how to be someone that she could actually date.

Rule 3: You have to be yourself if you want to be in a relationship with her

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We have all been there, where you get too caught up in your friendships and lose sight of yourself as a man.

You end up showing off your dumb side with this girl, but you can't stop there.

You also need to learn how to date the person you're dating.

If you keep showing off your dumb side, you're going to get caught up in all the drama.

This drama could be brought on by any number of things, but it usually stems from you getting too focused on the friendship.

On the other hand, if you have the balls to date, someone who has the same interests as you do, you've also grown as a man and created something better than friendship.

Either way, you have to date the girl that's right for you, not a friend.

That's why you need to learn how to be someone so attractive, that she can't help but want to have sex with you. I can't stress that enough.

"But Jenna, sex is such a huge aspect of dating," you say. "How am I supposed to get the sex if I can't even get her to shut up?"

That's where Rule #4 comes in.

Rule 4: Learn how to be your own dominator

If you want to have a successful dating life, you've got to figure out how to be the man she wants you to be.

That means learning how to be the dominant player in the relationship.

By being the dominant player, you're going to crush her resistance and establish your dominance in the relationship.

For example, If you say, "Your apartment is such a mess. Come over to mine and clean it up." She's going to lose her mind.

She's going to see that you're the one who's in control, and she's going to start listening to what you have to say.

Dating is about learning how to assert yourself, but you can't do that if you only focus on the friendship aspect.

A simple rule of thumb is to learn how to assert yourself when you're around your girl, but never do it when she's around other people.

If you find that she's attracted to you and you like her, you can exert your dominance over her by being a bit possessive over her and treating her like she's your girlfriend.

But, that has to be in person. Don't get sucked in by what she's saying on the phone.

Rule 5: In relationships, you must take control

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If you truly want to get serious with a girl, you need to learn how to take charge of the relationship.

If you're a man that's in control of himself, then you can take charge of a relationship.

You have to learn how to make things happen, no matter how bad they may be.

For example, if she's acting like a brat and refusing to come over to your place, you have to step in and say something to her.

"You know, I've had a really bad day, and I really could use some company, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

It's not going to work out." If you say this right, she'll probably listen.

The point is that you have to get over yourself and stop being such a wuss.

You have to realize that you control the situation, so you need to go into every situation and be a dominant force.

If you truly want to impress girls, you've got to start acting like you're more man than you actually are.

If you're dating and you're not playing the role you should play, then you need to do some serious soul searching and figure out why.

In many cases, you're just not taking charge of the relationship.

There's nothing wrong with being a man, but not being in control of your life is a mistake.

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