How To Tell A Girl What You Want To Do To Her

We all like sex, but knowing what to do in bed can sometimes be the kicker that heats up the action.

Having sex with a girl and watching her undress is no longer enough.

The people who have sexy things to say can only enhance the experience.

So, we present to you a guide that will help you find your style:

1. Talk about sex

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Your Sex Talk needs to include the small things that make the sex enjoyable.

For instance, if your girlfriend mentions her boyfriend masturbating, your attention is drawn to it.

But if she says that he likes her to lick his ears, you may just love it.

The same applies to oral sex. It has little to do with sucking on someone's penis.

A man does not need to use his tongue on a woman's clitoris all night long.

If she wants it, it is a bonus, but you can also just go ahead and explore the possibilities.

2. Don't be shy about penetration

Women do not like to be penetrated without having an orgasm, and this means you must stop your pace if they stop it.

They need to have a perfect orgasm every time.

However, it is best to make her orgasm first by going slow and steady, like in the second slide.

If you do not start from the feet and move to the clitoris, she might have a problem.

She will just say you are not giving her enough pleasure. So make sure she has an orgasm before you get to penetrate her.

3. Make your touch-sensitive

For your hand to be sensual, your touch needs to be, too.

Therefore, it is important to get used to touching by focusing on the body parts that please her and avoid those that feel like an itch.

Touch her anywhere on her body. Be adventurous and use your fingers to play with her, and rub them all over.

Be firm but not rough, as a little roughness can make your touch lose its sensual vibe. A gentle touch is best.

Also, pay attention to all the places where a woman can find it difficult to relax.

Women are naturally shy, so if she is not comfortable with you touching her at all or with you placing your hands on her leg, she will look at you with a grimace, as if she hates your touch.

This means that there must be a quick change in your touch, as it is best to change your touch a little every time you touch her.

4. Leave the ass out

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The number one place women always like to have intercourse is the vagina.

You must know that the anus is much different than the vagina. Many women find anal sex pleasurable.

If you like having anal sex, you can do it.

However, you must have done a lot of oral and foreplay before you can explore the anus.

Unless the woman is very flexible and comfortable having anal sex, you will just end up with uncomfortable, strained anal sex.

5. Touch her topless

Taking her out of her clothes is one of the best ways to know what she likes and dislikes in bed.

When you take off her top and kiss her exposed body parts, she is more likely to want more.

This is because your kissing and caressing have triggered her to feel very horny.

If you can touch her nipples or enjoy her while she is in the T-shirt, that's perfect.

When you know her body well, you will know what works best for her.

This also means that the only way to make her orgasm is to have a sexual interaction with her.

6. Never forget to eat

Sex is a combination of food and sleep. Both are necessary to the success of the sexual experience.

So, if you forget to eat, your erection is unlikely to be effective.

So, ensure that you feed your body with food and sleep, in the proper order.

Your body also needs to be rested for sexual interaction to be most effective.

7. Use your hands to keep her wet

She might be worried about the look of her pubic hair after you have penetrated her.

Don't let it worry you. A few gentle strokes will make her relax and you will notice her pubic hair glistening.

The idea behind this is to give her a sensation, and that is exactly what a vagina needs.

This is exactly how it feels like to feel your hand on her pubic hair, so do not be scared to get intimate with her.

8. Touch her from the bottom up

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The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman's body. So, you should take your time to explore it.

It can be tempting to just start penetrating the clitoris. However, you must take your time to explore her from the bottom up.

It is important to massage her there, to ensure that her clitoris is stimulated. It will be easier for her to reach an orgasm.

9. Make sure that she laughs often

Women tend to smile while having sex. This makes it easier for you to focus on your breathing and keep in a good rhythm.

But you must know that women do not always want to be smiled at.

They need to laugh, as well, because it helps them relax. Make sure you encourage her to laugh every time you make a joke.

10. Don't forget to kiss her sweetly

One of the best parts about kissing is that it always helps to create the mood.

So, do not forget to take the time to kiss her. Kiss her passionately, but not with your tongue.

This will encourage her to touch you and she will not feel like you have avoided the feeling of her lips.

Kiss her with love and passion, but make sure to keep it brief.


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