How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Voice

This is one of the most overlooked things that you can do when dating a girl because it's pretty easy to get overlooked.

Girls can sense your interest in them and you'll never know which way it's going to swing.

So, let's get into how to tell a girl that you like her voice.

What I'll be talking about in this article is the type of signs you should be looking for in her voice as well as the methods to try to pick it up.

But to start, let me explain what exactly you should be looking for in a girl's voice.

1. Listen to her sing

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The best place to start when trying to figure out the tone of a girl's voice is to listen to her sing.

This is the perfect example of a girl showing you that her voice is sexy.

When a girl is singing, you can hear the passion in the words and the emotion in her voice.

She'll talk to you while she's singing and you'll feel connected to her.

She'll say her lines slowly with a tone of excitement in her voice and her emotions will come through with the words she's saying.

If you like what you hear and feel as if she's talking directly to you, you'll know that her voice is a girl that you can be close to.

As she starts to sing louder, her voice will become higher in pitch and will become even more passionate.

2. Listen to her talk

When you listen to a girl talk, you can also be able to tell if her voice is sexy.

You'll know if her voice has a distinctive sound and there's an intimate relationship between her and her voice.

Here's the thing: a girl can talk really low and that's sexy, but it's another thing to talk really low and have a high voice with a deep tone in it.

For a girl to have a deep voice that she uses only when she's with a guy or just for the moment, that's another indication that she's using her voice to impress you.

3. Listen to her laugh

One of the best ways to tell if a girl is sexy or not is to watch how she laughs.

You'll start to recognize how she laughs by the tone of her laugh.

If her laugh is long and low with a guttural tone in it, she's sexy.

But if she laughs with a high pitch in it and has a higher pitch in her voice, she's going to play it safe.

You can tell that she's acting a role and she knows how to play it up to show off her femininity.

She might be playing the strong confident girl, but she's really just an insecure girl.

You can tell that because she can't stop making small cracks in her voice so that it's more feminine.

And that's when you know that she's trying to get over her insecurities.

She wants to show that she's confident in herself and her appearance, but she's really insecure about what she looks like.

4. Listen to the way she breathes

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Another thing to pay attention to when trying to figure out if a girl's voice is sexy is the way she breathes.

You can tell if a girl is passionate about something if she uses her throat muscles while she talks.

You'll be able to see how she breathes out through her nose and how she also uses her chest to talk.

A girl that has a deep voice that's used for power and passion will be breathing in a deep and even tone as she talks.

But you'll also see that when she's listening to a speech or reading a script, you can see that her voice is high in pitch, much higher than her normal voice.

5. Listen to the way she puts on makeup

Another thing to pay attention to when trying to figure out if a girl's voice is sexy is her way of putting on makeup.

She might use a lot of powder on her face.

She'll use makeup to make her eyes and her nose stand out a little bit more.

She'll also use light makeup to make her lips stand out.

6. Listen to the way she brushes her hair

A girl that wants to be sexy will use hair products to make her hair look good.

She'll use hair products like hair gel, hair spray, and sometimes she'll use mascara.

She'll also comb her hair through to get the perfect part on the back of her head.

She'll also always wear her hair up in a ponytail so that the top half of her hair is neat and the bottom half is messy.

7. Listen to the way she talks to her friends

It's very interesting to see how a girl can change the way she talks to her friends to be sexy.

A girl that wants to have an in-depth conversation with you can change the way she talks and activities to be sexy.

She'll talk softer in the beginning.

But once she really likes you, she'll go back to talking softer, and maybe even laughing more.

If she likes you enough, she might keep her speech and conversations soft and low throughout the night.

That's when she's in that deep sexy voice that guys love.

8. Listen to her use filler words

A girl that uses filler words is trying to impress you.

She wants you to think that she's an intelligent girl.

So, she'll use filler words like "um" or "like" or "really."

She'll try to use these words to make it seem like she's being smart or funny or feminine.

She'll try to use them to make a casual conversation seem more sophisticated.

If you notice that a girl is using filler words and trying to sound intelligent, chances are she's not actually trying to impress you.
She just wants to impress herself.

9. Listen to the way she walks

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A girl that wants to be sexy will wear high heels.

She'll want you to take notice of her sexy walk, so she'll wear her best shoes.

She'll wear whatever shoe she thinks will make her walk look best.

10. Listen to the way she talks about sex

A girl that wants to be sexy is going to have a whole lot of sex stories in her vocabulary.

She'll talk about how many times she's had sex and all the different positions she's done it in.

She'll tell you stories of her sexual adventures.

She'll talk about how amazing it felt to have her hair pulled when she was giving her blowjob.

Or the time she went down on her boyfriend, and he came on her face, and then ate it off.

She'll brag about how many guys she's slept with, or how many different guys she's slept within a night.

She'll talk about how amazing her sexual experiences were.

She'll talk about how they were better than the first ones.

Most importantly, she'll talk about how amazing her sex is for her.

She'll talk about how it's amazing to be inside a guy's warm and wonderful cum, and that no guy will ever love her as much as her boyfriend.


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