How to Use Your Keurig Mini

“I can’t function in the morning without my coffee.” 

We’ve all either heard or said it, the half-truth phrase synonymous with morning grogginess, irritability, and fatigue

It’s funny how one simple bitter, brown liquid aids much of the western world in functioning daily

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily across the globe, and that number is likely to increase as third-world countries industrialize and become coffee-drinking economies rather than coffee-producing ones. 

Thankfully for us coffee-drinkers, companies like Keurig have revolutionized the meaning of quick-coffee and have either kept up with the elevating demand or coffee or helped create it (the jury is still out for this writer). 

The company’s single-use coffee pods provide a fresh cup of joe in literally seconds and now come in a wide variety of models.  

Personally, the Keurig Mini is my go-to coffee machine. Keurig was realistic in determining the amount of money and kitchen-counter space us commoners can allocate to coffee with this one; the machine is less than five inches wide, 12 inches tall and priced at just $79.99 versus the classic machine’s $119.99 price tag. 

But you already know that (hopefully), because why else would you be reading this article?

Smart move, champ.

Whether you view coffee as a necessary vice, a healthy pick-me-up or simply a morning routine, here are simple instructions on how to make your brew using a Keurig Mini.

  1. Open the back-hatch on the top of the machine to add water. On the side of the water receptacle, numbered indents indicate the quantity of liquid in the machine with 12 ounces being the maximum amount. Close back hatch.
  2. Plugin Keurig Mini using the cord located on the back of the machine.
  3. With the top of the Keurig Mini closed, press the power button located on the upper right on the top of the machine.
  4. Lift the front handle facing you to expose the pod receptacle. 
  5. Place coffee or tea pod in the center pod holder and close the top of the machine. 
    1. If a reusable pod is being used, place hands on either side of the pod receptacle and shift upward to remove. Place reusable pod with coffee into pod receptacle and put it back in the machine. Close lid. 
  6. Place coffee cup on center of drip tray (max cup height 6-inches)
  7. *If the drip tray is removed from the bottom a 7-inch cup may be used.*
  8. The drip tray can hold a maximum of eight ounces of liquid.
  9. There is a thin oval light on the top of the Keurig Mini that will be flashing indicating it is ready to brew.
  10. After the pod and cup are in their respective places press the large brew button indicated by the large Keurig “K” on the center top of the machine.
  11. The oval light will now turn solid indicating that the Keurig Mini is brewing your cup of coffee or tea and slowly light up as the machine warms the water. Once the light is fully solid water will begin dispensing into the coffee cup. Once the liquid has ceased dispensing remove your cup and enjoy it!
  12. The Keurig Mini will automatically shut off 90 seconds after brewing your coffee.

In the duration of writing this article, I’ve consumed two pods using my Keurig Mini, its convenience and consistency a staple of my daily routine. 

The cost-effectiveness of any Keurig machine is undoubtedly self-evident. The average price for a grande hot cup of Starbucks coffee is $2.10, and the average price for a grande cold brew coffee is $3.45. 

You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that these costs add up fast, especially because most coffee drinkers consume between three to four cups daily

Now, coffee drinkers aren’t going to Starbucks for every cup of coffee consumed, but if even a quarter of the cups consumed are made outside of the home, costs can skyrocket to above $15 per week at this writer’s conservative estimates. 

Multiply $15 by 52 weeks and you get $780 spent on coffee per year just on coffee purchased by the cup from Starbucks or other coffee shops. 

While the pods used in Keurig machines can be slightly spendy, the great asset that these incredible machines have going for them is the reusable pod. Using one of these simple yet ingenious devices combines the innovation of the Keurig with the fiscal consciousness of brewing coffee at home the “old-fashioned” way. 

For those who have the extra dollars to spend, the amount spent yearly on coffee may not matter, it’s that simple. But on the other hand, going to Starbucks multiple times a week also has its environmental drawbacks. 

At their core Starbucks’ cups are recyclable, but with this being said, many recycling facilities don’t have the feasible resources to take Starbucks cups apart to recycle them. 

It may take time for all companies to switch over to using Keurigs instead of classic coffee machines. Maybe there’s some nostalgia involved. 

All in all, though, Keurig is gaining a steady grip on the coffee market, and coffee drinkers don’t seem to mind as long as they get their cup of joe. 

Single-use coffee maker ownership increased over five years from 27% to 42% in 2019, and the slick Keurig Elite machine allows for delicious iced coffee to be poured into your cup at home regardless of the time of year (just to be clear, this writer is one of the ‘crazies’ who drinks cold coffee even in winter).

Let’s be modern about our coffee; Why take the time to brew a pot of coffee and let it sit after only consuming two cups? 

Maybe one day we can all afford to purchase a Keurig Elite or have enough counter space to fit a Keurig Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker between our microwave and fruit bowl. It’s the type of lavishness we coffee drinkers all aspire for. 

Until then, the Keurig Mini should be your best friend


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