How To Wish Someone Success In New Business

Wishing someone success in a new business is one of the most powerful things you can do for their career or life. We’ve all done it at some time – maybe as a kid when your best friend got left behind while you went back to school, or as an adult when you were leaving town for a few months and his or her job called them out of the country.

By offering up good luck wishes and hopes for the future, you show interest in their well-being and hope they will return the favor by supporting you in yours.

There are many ways to go about asking people if you need anything from them, but none are more classic than via phone call. So here we will talk about how to ask someone if they are planning on launching a new business venture.

Ask a question

Your asked person may get nervous or even feel uncomfortable after making their announcement, so it is important to be direct and ask them if they have thought of everything they would need to launch this new business.

This way, they will know what you are talking about and won’t waste any precious energy discussing something that has been asked and answered before!

And yes, you can make this request during the initial stages of their business launch, like right after they tell everyone that they are going to start working for themselves.

Make it clear that you are wishing them success

how to wish someone success in new business

While most people understand what it means to wish someone else good luck, few do it. When they do, however, it usually comes across as very cliché or even fake.

So why not make your wishes more meaningful? Instead of saying things like “good luck” or “keep up the great work,” try expressing how much you hope for their success and why.

This will help convey your true intentions while still sounding nice and profound. You can say something like, “I want to see you succeed because I believe wholeheartedly in your potential” or “You deserve this chance to prove yourself.”

Or maybe you feel inspired by alloftheirhardworkandonlyforsomeresourcefulprojectoruniversity. You could add along the same lines of what we mentioned before – hope for their success so they can continue being successful in other areas of life.

Tell them you are confident they will succeed

how to wish someone success in new business

As mentioned earlier, wishing someone success can be done at any time. You do not have to feel that they cannot make it without your encouragement, or that their dreams are too big for you to approve of, to tell them what is wanted for them.

Being able to say “I am sure you will succeed” is a great way to inspire hope in others. If there is no reason why they should not succeed, then why not use this opportunity to boost their spirits?

If possible, find out more about the person and what makes them happy so that you can suggest an area that they could focus on to achieve their goal.

By being aware of these things, you would know how to give a helpful tip while still sticking to your own goals.

Tell them you are excited about their success

how to wish someone success in new business

As we know, wishing someone else good luck can sometimes be tricky. This is especially true when they’ve just announced that they have a new business!

When this happens, most people feel like they should say something about how great it is and hope for their success. But then what?

You don’t want to seem too positive or encouraging because they may need some extra motivation. Plus, there are always risks involved with starting a new business, so you want to make sure they understand the limitations of your support.

Instead, I would suggest saying something along the lines of “I am looking forward to watching you succeed in these next few months. You've worked hard enough to get where you are now, and you deserve this chance to test yourself.”

This way, they know that even though you're not giving up coffee at midnight, you do believe in their talent and potential.

Thank them for thinking of you

how to wish someone success in new business

Even if you never met the person a wants your business, thank them for their thoughtfulness. Whether it’s someone that knows you well or someone who has been reading about you online for weeks, take some time to appreciate what they have done.

Business owners are typically very busy people with lots going on – which is why most would not think twice about helping friends succeed. But when they do, it really does make an impression.

By showing gratitude, you send a message to these new business professionals that you value them and want them to keep succeeding. It also creates an opportunity to connect more easily with them later on.

And we all need connections now more than ever!

Keeping in touch via phone or email is great, but creating real relationships takes work and energy beyond just communication. Having lunch together, attending events together, and giving each other feedback — all these things show sincerity and interest and are good starting points to connect.

Ask them how they are

how to wish someone success in new business

It’s very common to feel jealous or concerned when you learn that your friend has started their own business. You might even feel a little bit threatened if they talk about it with such passion.

But, don’t worry, these feelings are normal!

It's important to remember that no one is guaranteed success in this life (not even yourself!), so there’s nothing you can do except be happy for them and wish them good luck.

And while it’s great to celebrate their achievements, it can also help to ask them how they're doing — not only because you want to know, but because it'll motivate them to keep up the hard work.

Ask how their day went, what challenges they faced, and if anything made them laugh. This will give you some insights into their personal life that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Comment on their success so far

how to wish someone success in new business

When someone is launching a new business, it’s always great to give them some kudos for all of the work they have done up until this point.

It can be nice to feel like part of a community that supports other entrepreneurs. They will look at you with those bright eyes and say “You made me believe I could do this!” or “I know I don’t need this service, but I wanted to own one just because you did!”

Or maybe it’s the opposite — they’ve got a lot going on these days, so they’re not as open about business ventures.

Either way, complimenting their efforts is an excellent way to bring out the happy face of your friend or family member.

And while it may seem kind of cliché, it does make a difference to them.

It makes them feel good and gives them something small to hold onto when life gets tough. You both came together to inspire each other, which cannot be taken for granted.

Share something that you are proud of

how to wish someone success in new business

Let them know what kind of person you think they are and give them some praise. If you have seen them in public speaking events, attended meetings with them, or read their book or article online, these are great examples of things to share.

They already know about this achievement, so don’t feel like you need to tell them more. But if there is something special about the accomplishment, mention it!

It can be funny or smart, but make sure it is sincere. Don’t say, “I am so happy about your success” because you expect a reward later.

This could backfire and hurt someone’s feelings, which would not be good. Check out this article on how to wish someone well.

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Bullet point: Asking about additional jobs

For example, an accountant might run his accounting firm on the side, a designer may design logos and brands for companies, and a lawyer may represent individuals or businesses while at home.

These other ventures can sometimes lead to asking about their current position or new opportunities. This article has tips on how to ask about those.

Ask for feedback

how to wish someone success in new business

Asking someone if they’re happy with your help is a great way to get their response on whether you helped them succeed or not. If you helped them launch their business, ask if they are still running it. If you assisted them in finding their calling, ask if what they do now makes them feel fulfilled.

By asking about success, you will also learn more about theirs and how you can help them along that path. You may even discover opportunities to contribute to their success!

If you want to know more about someone's career, invest some time into getting to know them as a person first. This will lay the groundwork for meaningful conversations about their career journey.

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