Juice.ai – Is It Worth The Money?

A quick review of the AI software Juice.ai

Yes, it’s worth the money.

Juice.ai offers huge value given its price, and I predict it will become a staple of SEO professionals everywhere.

  • Juice.ai is an AI writing assistant built specifically for bloggers looking to increase organic traffic on Google.
  • Juice can produce outputs of 1500-word articles with a single click.
  • After generating an article, it's pretty easy to improve and enhance it via the Juice editor.
  • Juice combines classic web data scraping with advanced AI to generate popular Google queries. It then provides a competitiveness rating for every keyword, helping you pick only keywords that will rank high in the SERPs.


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More AI writing tools?


It seems like every day, there is a new AI writing assistant product hitting the market. For anyone’s guess? It’s either investors are throwing cash at anything with a guy having a pitch or because the products themselves are actually genuinely useful.

Personally, I really appreciate tools like Grammarly that make it easy, or at least easier, to write a lot of content reasonably well at scale.

Recently, I got turned onto one of the newest products to hit this market, Juice.ai.

Like a lot of products out there, Juice was designed with only one thing in mind: creating large amounts of effective SEO content.

The two big features that Juice has right now are pretty straightforward.

The first is a basic article generator, which there are quite a few of these days. But the second feature was pretty interesting – a very simple but powerful tool that helps you pick the keywords to target when you’re writing your content.

The first thing I noticed about generating articles with Juice is that you get a lot more than text when it gives you your output. It actually gives you a finished first draft complete with stock images, bolds, and italics.

Lots of things like this are pretty tedious to do yourself, but it does for you right out of the box!

How does Juice.ai's content look?

The content itself was decent. One thing I’ve noticed with these AI writers is that they very rarely get everything correct without some human intervention. Juice is no different in this regard, and depending on what I was generating articles about, it would either create something very passable (even bordering on insightful), but occasionally it would give me something that was totally useless.

Even when it would generate a crappy article, it was easy enough to just click the button and try again. If trying a second or third time didn’t yield an acceptable output, changing the prompt wording a little bit generally gave me something that was closer to what I was going for.

I’ve noticed that some of the AI writing tools out there (like Jasper.ai) don’t let you output an entire finished article with one click. They make you do a bunch of clicks to get a full length output. I’m not sure why this is, but with Juice, it was super easy to just click the generate button and then wait for a finished product.

I felt like I was saving a ton of energy with Juice’s user experience. And I’m not the only one.

Overall, I’d rate the content generation element of Juice.ai 8 out of 10. I think the AI could definitely be improved somewhat, but from what I understand, that’s already in the pipeline, and it’s only a matter of time.

Not only is the text Juice outputs amazing, but you get all the other bells and whistles from the generator as well!

SEO keyword research tool

The other main feature that Juice has right now is a keyword research tool. I’ve used products that include keyword research capabilities in the past, and the most striking part about the tool that Juice has is just how simple it is.

There’s literally only one statistic given for any keyword phrase in its database. It has a rating (1 through 100) that gives you an idea of how competitive that keyword phrase is to rank for. The higher the rating, the easier it will be to rank for that particular keyword.

I can’t tell you how surprised I was to see just how simple the Juice team is trying to make keyword research. Honestly, coming up with keyword phrases to target is one of my least favorite parts of being a modern blogger.

At this point, I only wish that more companies had a similar take and try to make everything more simple instead of giving you access to tons of (generally useless) data.

I’ll update this review in time to see just how useful some of the highly rated keywords have been when it comes to ranking high and fast. But based on my own research in cross-checking the Juice rating with data from other sources, it seems like whatever formula Juice uses to compute competitiveness is accurate.

To use Juice.ai or not to use Juice.ai? 

Sometimes I wonder how much longer you’ll need a human at all when it comes to writing simple blog articles. A lot of these AI tools, Juice included, seem almost too good to be true from a productivity enhancement standpoint.

While the AI technology is not exactly perfect yet, I wish I had access to this kind of stuff years ago during the heyday of AdSense.

If you’re on the fence about trying out AI writers, start with Juice. It’s got literally everything you need to boost your websites traffic right out of the box, and it’s cheaper than other tools that only do half of what I can do today. That’s not a bad deal to my ears.

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