Leaders Who Show Emotional Intelligence

There is a myth that only certain people are able to show emotional intelligence. People often believe that since you cannot take a compliment without looking shy or hungry, then you do not have control over your own emotions.

This belief seems rooted in something more fundamental — they think it proves that you do not understand personal relationships well.

However, this assumption ignores an important fact about human nature. We all have limited amounts of emotional energy at any given time.

When we run out of energy, we sometimes give up and avoid engaging with others. This makes us feel isolated and unhappy.

At these times, it can be difficult to bring yourself to ask for help, which further adds to our stress.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage your mental and physical health by learning how to restore your own reserves of emotion. You can learn this skill, even if you never really used much of it before.

In this article, you will read about seven such strategies. Some are simple cost-effective solutions that anyone can use, while others may require some research or training to implement into his or her lifestyle.

No matter what level you already meet these criteria, every one of them has a good chance to improve your emotional fitness.

Elon Musk

As mentioned earlier, being able to show emotions is an important quality for leadership. This isn't always the case, however. When leaders are in control and they're feeling good about themselves, that's great! But when things go wrong or people fail to meet your expectations, it can hurt very much.

That's why there's a second element of emotional intelligence -- the ability to handle adversity well.

This doesn't mean bouncing off the wall like a pinball machine, but rather responding effectively to situations with calmness and professionalism. It means knowing what you're thinking and working to make sure it's aligned with how you want to feel and who you want to be as a person.

Think about it - how often have you heard someone talk about a boss that left them with tears in their eyes? Or maybe you've met someone who never seems to lose their cool, even under pressure. They seem almost inhuman at times.

These individuals possess a certain level of emotional self-control which makes them hard to compare to. You probably know some people like this already – they may not be called "leaders", per se, but they definitely set high standards for yourself and others.

Elon Musk is one such leader. He has spoken about his lack of emotion before, but it looks like he's trying to change that now. His most recent comments came during a discussion about improving workplace environments in Australia.

Steve Jobs

leaders who show emotional intelligence

As mentioned earlier, Jobs was known for his emotional intelligence. He displayed many qualities such as compassion, empathy, and understanding of other people’s emotions. These skills were not always present, but when they were, they made him more effective as a leader.

He showed compassion to those that didn’t have his same style or taste in products. For example, he would actively seek out and listen to complaints about an item so that changes could be made to make it better.

His ability to connect with others extended beyond just colleagues and employees; he connected with almost anyone! This included friends, family members, and even total strangers.

This quality was most notable during his final days at Apple. While some leaders might have avoided meeting with the media altogether, he did the opposite by holding several press conferences and answering questions from reporters.

Not only did this show how much importance he placed on communicating with the public, but also his willingness to address difficult topics gave his audience new insights into who he is as a person.

Angela Merkel

leaders who show emotional intelligence

As mentioned earlier, being able to show emotion is an important trait for a leader. It’s not only seen as attractive to others, but also as a sign of strength and maturity.

Chancellor Merkel is one such leader who consistently shows her emotions. She has been described as having “the most powerful presence in the world”, and many say she makes this impact because she always seems calm and in control.

When it comes to politics, she doesn’t take things lightly. Chancellor Merkel knows how much power she wields, and uses that confidence to motivate other people to do their job well.

She expects those under her to work hard and treat them with respect, and they respond by doing so. When she needs help or input from someone, she isn’t shy about asking for it, and rewards those who are willing to give back.

Michelle Obama

leaders who show emotional intelligence

As first lady, Barack Obama's most prominent role has been as an advocate for healthy living. He calls it his favorite job, telling people to look in his wife's eyes and ask what she would advise them to do next to feel good about themselves.

Her motto is "Just keep doing your best no matter what you're doing and believe in yourself," he says. "That's a powerful message."

As first lady, one of her major roles has been serving as an ambassador for eating healthily, actively engaging with others around nutrition and wellness.

She famously called herself a "self-loving person" who made nutritious food accessible to everyone and sponsored fun exercise programs like the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

But she also tackled more difficult issues than just diet tips. In 2018, she spoke out against what she described as racist attacks on black academic bodies across America.

In September, she denounced bullying including that directed at students wearing red sweatshirts during spirit days or dressing up as Santa Claus at schools. The same month, she criticized gendered expectations in children's toys, saying they should be able to play with both "dolls and trucks" without being asked which ones are better.

Barack Obama

leaders who show emotional intelligence

As mentioned earlier, being able to show emotion is an important quality for a leader. President Obama is a very emotional person, which is one of the reasons people love him. He is known for his witty remarks and laughter, he laughs at himself frequently, and he always seems in control.

He uses humor and laughter as a way to reduce tension and create conversations about difficult topics. When he does this, it makes others feel more comfortable and relaxed.

He also uses strong emotions, such as anger and sadness, but only for appropriate times. He never uses these feelings excessively or inappropriately.

Tony Robbins

leaders who show emotional intelligence

Tony is known for his motivational speaking, he has authored several best-selling books, and he has created an empire out of teaching people how to motivate themselves.

But what many don’t know about him is that he is a highly emotional person. He can be very passionate about something or someone, which helps him win over audience members and encourages them to join in on his mission.

He also uses emotion to facilitate leadership. When needed, he calls upon his emotions to inspire others to contribute and work hard towards a common goal.

His ability to use strong emotions effectively makes it easy for him to connect with other people and get things done. This quality helped him climb the ladder as a leader, and it can help you succeed too.

You will find yourself in situations where leaders show their emotions, so learn from theirs! If you are ever in a position to do so, check out your own level of emotional intelligence.

David Beckham

leaders who show emotional intelligence

As a professional athlete, David Beckham has needed to be in control at all times to succeed. He has had to manage his emotions when he loses a game or a match, and he has had to keep himself level-headed during seasons where his team did not win the championship.
As a member of one of the top soccer teams in the world, there is a lot of media coverage for Beckham.

He must always stay focused on what he can do to help his team win, but staying in control as an individual person is much more challenging.

His private life has been the focus of many stories since he and former wife Victoria split up back in February 2018.

Beckham’s relationships with family members and friends have made it into national newspapers due to their alleged nature. His children are reportedly aware that their parents are no longer married and work hard to preserve their parent-child bond even though they may not agree on how their lives will go forward.

Tom Brady

leaders who show emotional intelligence

As mentioned earlier, being able to show emotional intelligence is an important leadership quality for anyone aspiring to be leader of others. A great example of this is football superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady is well-known for his composure under pressure, consistency, and attention to detail. He has also been known to put in extra work outside of practices and games to prepare for his next challenge.

However, what many do not know about Brady is that he is very passionate about football. He studies the game extensively and becomes extremely invested in the teams he supports.

This passion was displayed when he hosted the 24th annual Jimmy V Award Celebration at Gillette Stadium where he honored former teammate James White for his efforts to help raise awareness for cancer.

He also discussed how he will remember his time playing professional football and why it will matter later in life. This shows his commitment to the sport and his career as a player ending so soon made sense to him. It also showed his dedication to helping others.

It is interesting to note that while he may seem cold and detached from some, he actually does care deeply about the game and the community it cultivates.

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