Storytelling to Reach Your Target Audience

People are attracted to stories by nature. Millions of dollars are spent in movie theaters by audiences who are engaged in a good narrative.

Millions of books are sold each year to those who wish to immerse themselves in a magical world and follow a compelling narrative. We have come to love the Pearson family via their individual tales, and the famous television program "This Is Us" gets sky-high ratings every week.

Even if you don't watch "This Is Us," chances are you've heard about it through ads and others talking about it. This is the result of delivering gripping tales about people you come to care about. This is the goal you want to achieve with your own tales.

If you know how to get your audience's attention, stories may be quite effective. You only have a little time to spark their attention, but it takes a lot more work to keep them engaged after that.

"Tell a story to connect with your ideal audience," I may easily say, but where do you start? Do you begin on the day you were born and continue until you reach the uncomfortable middle school years?

Almost certainly not. You must first devise a strategy, after which you must determine which specifics and how many details are required.

Begin with these 7 storytelling techniques

1. Make your tale interesting to read. Do you have a "hook" that will immediately pique your audience's interest? The aim is to entice them to read more right away.

2. Understand the goal of your narrative. Don't just converse for the sake of conversing. Before your audience becomes tired and wonders why they're listening, point out the link. (Remember, our attention spans are limited!)

3. Use powerful phrases and vivid descriptions. Avoid using a passive voice or coming off as wishy-washy. Unless you're writing a technical piece, avoid utilizing too many statistics.

Instead, create a vivid image in your audience's imaginations to pull them further into the narrative.

4. Instead of bragging, connect. While your achievements are remarkable and will set you apart from the overwhelming majority, don't use them to dull your audience.

Keep these illustrious accomplishments on your CV. When you're presenting a tale, connect to your audience by informing them about all the times you've made a mistake.

Everyone makes mistakes, so that's something we all have in common. What will amaze your audience is how you got out of your situation.

5. Make an emotional connection. Decide the feeling you want to evoke in your audience throughout your narrative and provide them facts that will trigger that emotion.

If you use emotion in your narrative, people will remember you better. Consider how many times you've wept while watching a cheesy romantic film.

6. Try not to seem like Ferris Bueller's boring instructor. OK, this is a throwback to the 1980s, but his instructor in the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" had the most monotonous voice on the planet.

You can image how depressing it must be to sit in his classroom after just hearing a few lines of his speech. This should be avoided at all costs!

You want to engage your audience rather than boring them and make them flee.

7. Tell your audience what they need to know. To prevent throwing people into a boring spell, learn to adjust the details.

You're not inventing anything; you're just selecting carefully which facts to reveal and which to keep hidden.

You'll note that these suggestions flow smoothly from capturing their attention to establishing a connection to offering a satisfactory ending. You'll have your tale polished and ready for the audience with a little tweaking and practice.

You get the unique opportunity to fine-tune your audience with content marketing. You may start crafting content that speaks to your target client using personas and market segmentation.

You'll strengthen your relationship and build brand loyalty. This is the power of content marketing, and it's yours for the taking if you're ready.

Thanks to Karen Repoli at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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