Best Entrepreneur Visa In Europe

Got a company concept but didn't believe your own country uses the best conditions?

Consider an entrepreneur visa for immigrants and ex-pats! Before deciding on any one nation, it's great to get a feel of the choices that are readily available to you.

Here we've done a bit of research on the best entrepreneur visas in Europe for you.

If it is strictly an entrepreneur and not an investor, then you have a lot of excellent services. For instance, around 10k euros, you can get a Hungarian house permit.

Italy has a fantastic start-up visa program; however, there are numerous other EU member states where you can get in as a business owner.

Types of Visa

Start-up Visa

Several industrialized countries apply the start-up visa and some migration rules, to which foreign founders of appealing service can dedicate, execute their organizations under a much better environment.

Since migrant and refugee entrepreneurs typically face legal and cultural obstacles to develop and preserve their services, leveraging the start-up visa could be an excellent opportunity for their budding service.

Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme is equivalent to the 'Golden Visa' schemes from other countries.

Innovator Visa

Innovator Visa allows you to stay for up to three years and can extend this visa for an additional period of three years. 

Entrepreneur visa in different European countries


Let's look at the different nations and the Entrepreneur Visa they offer.


You should have significant experience in your field and previous experience of running your own business to apply for the Start-up.

Having recorded and pertinent understanding in Swedish or English is likewise a condition. Additionally, it would be best if you revealed that your business' services or goods are produced or in Sweden with enough funds to support you equivalent to SEK 200,000.


The Startup-Denmark visa requires you to get your organization idea authorized by a panel of specialists selected by the Danish Organisation Authority, and you should play an active part in running the service.

You have to supply documents that show you have enough funds to cover your first year in Denmark.


The Start-up Entrepreneur Program intends to support migrants with a proposal for a high prospective start-up in the innovation economy and funding of EUR 75,000. The start-up needs to be headquartered and controlled in Ireland and operating for less than six years.

Ireland also offers The Immigrant Investor Programme, which requires a €2 million minimum capital investment; any part of it can't be from loans. The money should be invested in a new or existing Irish business, an established investment fund, a real estate investment trust, or a recognized community project (up to €500,000) for three years.


To look for an entrepreneur visa in Germany, you require to send a service strategy, funding principle (includes profit and loss account, capital requirements and financing strategy, liquidity strategy), medical insurance leaflet and certificate, and curriculum vitae and credentials. Berlin, Germany. 


There are files to be sent out directly to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development's Committee to receive the 1-year Italia Startup Visa.

Italian start-up Visa is known to be generous particularly in extending to 2 up to years nbThe requirements are, at least 15% of your costs must derive from research and development, with at least a third of your team holding PhDs or two-thirds holding master's degrees.

Your company must have a record of intellectual property, must be less than four years old, and should have less than €5 million in annual turnover.


The French Tech initiative has revolutionized tech start-up culture in the country, providing start-up hubs in cities across France and providing invaluable advice and funding.

To complement this, the French government has designed two separate visa programs for tech start-ups - the French Tech Visa and French Tech Ticket.

French Tech Visa

French Tech Visa is offered in France as well as a start-up visa. The French Tech Visa is for investors in tech companies and workers for tech firms.

It makes it easy for providing entrepreneurs or employees and their families to invest in or work for a tech company guaranteed a four-year residency permit. 

French Tech Ticket 

French Tech Ticket is for entrepreneurs who want to start a tech business in France. French Tech Ticket offers a 12-month visa and benefits from an established network of funding and business support.

Entrepreneurs looking to get a French Tech Ticket visa must have a minimum of two co-founders and an innovative business idea. Applicants must be fluent in English, and solely focusing on the business 1-year visa period.

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United Kingdom

The UK Start-up is an excellent destination for entrepreneurs who wish to set up a new business in the UK. It requires a low initial capital investment. It is required to be endorsed by a UK higher education institution or a business organization that supports UK entrepreneurs.

You can apply for Innovator Visa if you have enough funding and intend to stay longer. Your business must have a new and viable idea that has the potential for growth and should be endorsed by an approved body. 

Summing up

This is just a basic list of the visa destinations in Europe. Now that you have your choices, you can decide on the best country you want to start your business plans. Euro Start Entreprises can help you to get started in whichever country you choose to arrange your bank accounts, accountancy, and tax.

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