The Costs and Benefits of Gmail Business Email

In the cutthroat, multi-billion-dollar world of advertising and marketing, brand identity is everything. Amazon creator Jeff Bezos once said “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

Take it from the e-commerce guru himself. With the many marketing avenues necessary for financial success given the saturation of digital marketing, one of the most difficult aspects of running a business is making sure that the brand is represented consistently across all platforms. 

From the logo to the website URL, every facet of a successful business needs to be cohesive with the brand identity, a sort of synchronicity between how a business views itself and how it is presented to consumers. 

Here is where Gmail Business Email steps in, providing an easy and affordable way to create custom email domains for your brand as a small business owner and access emails anywhere online or offline. 


The benefits are rather remarkable as it is difficult to find a “one-size-fits-all” platform in which documents and communication are consolidated with such simplicity

One of the more convenient features when switching to Gmail Business Email is the quick migration of messages from other email platforms such as Microsoft Outlook. 

Emails from Android, Blackberry, and Apple users can all be accessed using a Gmail Business Email account. Emails that have been transferred from previous platforms such as Outlook can also be saved offline for later viewing. 

Given that Gmail is owned by Google (obviously), you can rest easy knowing that debatably the most cutting edge company of the past 30 years is maintaining the servers necessary to access your business’ email. 

You never have to worry about manually fixing glitches, malfunctions, or emails randomly disappearing. 

Additionally, video chats are included in Gmail for Business. Video chatting can be utilized by any user under the account and provides a low maintenance solution when face-to-face interaction is either too time-consuming or unfeasible. 

Google Hangouts is also a useful feature in that it allows for instant messaging between you and your employees without consuming precious time to prepare an email. 

Google allows for instant messaging storage in addition to email storage and this allows for tasks and information to be referenced by employees in the future (think instructions and temporary passwords). 

After all, time is money. 


With a Gmail Business Account, your small business will obtain more storage space than is necessary, but when success is the long term goal, one can never have enough digital storage. 

Gmail for Business for a company account with four or fewer users grants each user up to 1 Terabyte of storage space, which is truly phenomenal and cannot be outdone by competitors. 

This seemingly endless amount of cloud storage can be accessed anywhere at any time, online or offline, giving you and your employees the power to effectively communicate with clients or customers in a moment's notice. 

The search bar used by Gmail is one of the best on the market due to its auto-population feature, meaning that if there is a random email you are trying to find but you can’t seem to remember when it was sent, you can type the information you do know about it and all applicable emails will then be listed. 

Security and trust

The trust consumers gain from seeing an email represented by a business name rather than a generic “” is difficult to quantify, but ask yourself this question “Would you rather do business with or” 

You’re the business owner, so own and be responsible for as many aspects of your business as you can, including email domains. 

In the unlikely event that Google Business Email doesn’t work for your company, Google even lets you transfer your company’s email domain name to your new platform.

It may not be glamorous, but it certainly builds reputation through consistency, and in this digital age that may just be what we consumers truly need

Access to the Gmail accounts is not governed by Google, meaning that you will not need to converse with an IT professional to add or delete accounts. All of this can be done by you or a manager with a few easy clicks

With the backing of a multi-billion-dollar company at the helm of your business email, you needn’t worry about confidential information getting into the wrong hands. 

Gmail’s security system is top-notch and hacking has never been an issue given that Gmail is protected by the same encryption the company uses to protect its infrastructure. 

Multinational corporations such as Salesforce and Oasics use Gmail for their business email purposes, so you can rest easy knowing your company’s email will be safe and secure. 


The Basic version is only a mere $6 per user per month, but the minuscule 30GB of cloud storage on Google Drive may become an issue long term if your business grows. The Business version is $12 per user per month and provides unlimited cloud storage on Google Drive. 

Additionally, group mailing lists such as “” can be used effectively for the same cost as an individual user. 

When creating a business your attention should be focusing on running the enterprise as efficiently and as possible to ensure financial sustainability, but email should not be a facet that requires much attention every month. 

Gmail for Business should be recommended to all small to medium-sized business owners looking for a simple and secure option for digital communication and storage.

Sure, it may not be the most unique option, but it serves its purpose flawlessly.


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