Top 7 2022 Customer Feedback Tools

Are you seeking for the top customer feedback software to record what people have to say about you?

If you had given consideration to consumer reviews, your company may have expanded many times over. Your clients are the king, and as a company wanting to expand, you must constantly keep them in mind.

Customer feedback is therefore a time-sensitive demand. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to explore customer feedback and how to measure it with the use of the appropriate customer feedback app.

In order to compete in today's economy, firms must constantly gather client input. The technique you choose to get consumer feedback is equally important.

Because of this, we have partnered with the greatest customer feedback to provide them with a better experience.

Top 7 consumer feedback applications to reign in 2022

Let's look at the seven greatest tools that may dominate the market in 2022 to better grasp how client feedback may be gathered and how it can be utilized to do so.

  1. PiHappiness
  2. Podium
  3. UserReport
  4. CustomerSure
  5. UseResponse
  6. GetSatisfaction
  7. AskNicely


You have the advantage of having everything at your disposal thanks to this program. You can keep an eye on your surveys and get immediate alerts on your parent smartphone. Your reports and dashboards are simple to access whenever you need them. You may fully study the data using this customer feedback software. Make sure that the software that likely provides you the finest experience in a customer survey gives you more convenient access to the contents of the survey summary. It includes extra features including analytics, real-time data feeds, and survey summaries.


This cloud-based technology has the ability to efficiently combine online reviews from several websites into a single dashboard. The tool has the capacity to monitor and efficiently gather internet reviews, something no other platform has shown.

A podium would provide companies the opportunity to be proactive in requesting online comments that may increase sales. Small businesses can handle all of their online comments, reviews, and conversations in one location thanks to the aggregate workboard.

It has special features including a centralized feedback solution and quick, easy feedback.


This customer feedback software is a combination of adaptable tools that will tell you all you need to know about your consumers and their goals for success. This app for client feedback is self-explanatory.

A feedback forum and a survey are the two fundamental instruments on which UserReport is built. If your app or website has a successful integrated component, it enables you to directly communicate with all of your users and get information into their demographics, needs, and suggestions for development. It is the best product feedback program currently available because to these capabilities.

This customer feedback tool is totally free, simple to use, and integrated with Google Analytics.


One customer follow-up and feedback solution, called CustomerSure, seeks to get companies considerably closer to their target customers. The nicest thing about software is how it makes it possible for companies to automatically gather and address client feedback.

CustomerSure will support the company's growth by ensuring that the primary customer experience is consistently supplied with the actionable, real-time feedback. The nicest thing about this software is how it ensures top-notch customer service is provided every time, rather than just measuring customer pleasure. The nicest feature of this software is how it focuses on making it incredibly simple for you to improve it as well, rather than just gauging pleasure. But the cost of this consumer feedback app is a bit steep.

It contains features like HelpDesk and Reviews, as well as capabilities like streaming central feedback and fuss-free job management.


Most customer service apps provide more than simply product or customer feedback. These assistance centers are organized by UserResponse, which also provides customer service across all media. The community and feedback forum that our customer feedback software provides, along with live chat access to certain of your customers, are all available to you. This also includes software connections with support desks and marginally priced pricing.


This is based on the idea that although listening to consumers is important, responding quickly to their input should take precedence. The majority of market leaders in this field rely on this customer experience and encourage cross-channel participation. It recently collaborated with Verint to create a VoC solution that offers improved ways to measure consumer inputs.


This platform mainly processes and measures NPS, the standard used by the industry to gauge prediction and loyalty development. The key aspect is that AskNicely was able to do this with only one inquiry.

On a scale of 1 to 10, NPS surveys ask respondents to rate their probability of recommending a company to others. The objective of the query was to gauge client loyalty. This company's layout makes it easier to see problems before clients leave and patronize a rival.

This includes a dashboard that offers real-time data, user-friendly statistics, and an effective user interface.

What potential differences do you believe consumer feedback tools may make?

No matter how much work you put in, the most important question is: Have you asked your consumers what they want? Have you ever considered trying to figure out why people are or aren't coming into your business to make purchases? Ever ask them the reason? If so, how many questions did you ask them?

There is a narrow line between following up with clients while they are still active and bothering them with spam emails or persistently pestering them for product feedback. The organization is revolutionizing its approach to product creation and service delivery with the aid of some incredibly sophisticated technologies and customer feedback surveys.

After all, providing the finest possible customer service is just one part of the equation; knowing how to advance your process and provide better services this time and every time is as important. The seven customer feedback tools listed above are just a few of the very sophisticated and consumer-savvy feedback systems that can gather quick, pertinent, and precise customer data without getting on people's nerves.

Thanks to Chanakya Kyatham at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.


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