Types Of Emotional Intelligence

People often talk about emotional intelligence (EI) as if it is one thing, but there are actually several types of EI. Some definitions include feeling emotions and understanding why you feel a certain way to be part of the type, while other definitions focus more on using your feelings in productive ways or avoiding emotional pitfalls.

With this article, we will discuss three different types of emotional intelligence and how they relate to each other. When talking about these types, we will use examples from the workplace so that you can apply them in your daily life.

This article will also talk about the differences between each type of EI and what situations require which type of EI. And lastly, we will talk about whether having higher levels of one type of EI makes up for lower levels of another type.

To make sure that you have all three types of EI, check out our article here! Both articles contain relevant links and resources.

Social awareness

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One of the most important types of emotional intelligence is social awareness. This is understanding other people, their emotions, and what they are trying to get you to do or be.

Social awareness helps you understand why someone else may act or feel a certain way. It also means being able to read others’ body language to determine if something is false or not.

For example, when someone says they love you, there should be some kind of proof that they do. If they don’t make eye contact, look down, or say little, it is probably because they aren’t really feeling it.

People show their true feelings sometimes in weird ways, so try to be careful about how much weight you give things like “I loved you three weeks ago,” or “You can’t hurt me anymore.”

If you have ever noticed that even though your friend seems fine, they keep mentioning a person who makes them unhappy, maybe it's time to put up some walls.

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