What Business You Can Do From Home

Let’s be real. Working in an office isn’t for everyone.

Hours spent hunched over a computer with your shoulders bent forward to a most unnatural degree, the stench of body odor and cheap coffee heavy in the morning air as you start your day; office life can be rather unfulfilling.

Thankfully many companies are offering a growing amount of remote positions, but that doesn’t mean that working for a corporate powerhouse at home 8 am-5 pm will magically quench that thirst many inspired individuals have to make more of themselves. 

Yes, the freedom of working from home is initially eclectic. It’s a breath of fresh air allowing employees to feel more comfortable and in-control; However, cabin fever is a sneaky sensation and once it hits its difficult to rid oneself of the dreary sense of anxiousness accompanied by a restless spirit.

Don’t alarm or give up just yet (thanks for the great example Office Space). 

For those inspired souls reading this article as a respite from the mundanity of work, there are numerous home-based entrepreneurial business options out there. 

Formulating a vision and strategy for a home business is no easy feat, but cheers to you for wanting to take the risk. As a reward, we have compiled some of the most feasible and accessible home-based business endeavors for your entrepreneurial browsing. 


Admittedly, this may sound rather uninspiring at first given the rather humorous stereotype blogging garnered thanks to its early internet days as a conversation starter... “You should check out my blog.” 

But seriously, specialized blogging has become a great way for passionate writers to make a living

The combination of publishing original content with email subscribers, sponsorships and affiliate marketing has allowed thousands of bloggers to create enough business on which to sustain themselves financially, and with the freedom to work from literally anywhere.

There are many host and custom website platforms out there on which to create your blog. Two great options for those unfamiliar with web design are BlueHost and Wix

Figure out what topic you could write about day-in and day-out as well as the proper voice for your message. You don’t want to sound like you’re writing a music review for a business blog. It’s just sloppy. 

For the particularly savvy bloggers out there, the notion of a merger between two highly followed bloggers conjures dollar signs

Amazon or eBay Reseller  

This business idea is simple and heeds back to the old business motto, “Buy Low Sell High.” Buying products online and reselling them on Amazon or eBay for more than what you initially paid for may seem like a business that is lazy, too good to be true, or flat out financially foolish, but the data speaks for itself. 

Given the amount of potentially sporadic interaction with buyers and sellers online, this business idea is definitely for those individuals who thrive working at any hour of the day.

A great way to start is to begin doing consumer research on products you have a familiarity with or research items that are typically sold for less than their market value. 

For simplicity purposes, starting with one family of products is a safe way to enter the eBay business world while you get your feet wet, but real profit and sustainability will only be achieved when reselling all sorts of products. 

On the bright side, you will increasingly learn about industries and products you were previously unfamiliar with and your friends will be amazed at the knowledge you accumulate.  

When formulating a business strategy for reselling it is especially important to consider miscellaneous but consistent business expenses such as distribution, packaging, and potential transaction fees.


If you are the type of individual who has an opinion about anything and everything, and can rant up a storm about any topic you put your mind to, then podcasting is probably the home business choice for you. 

In 2018 the number of podcast listeners hit the 75 million milestone, and that number is only projected to increase heading into the 2020s. In other words, the time to hop on the bandwagon may be sooner than later.

From a marketing perspective, the fantastic thing about podcasting is the number of avenues available for listeners to hear what you have to say. From Apple to YouTube to Soundcloud, there are numerous platforms on which to release your material. 

Podcast creators can earn upwards of $40 per 1000 listeners, and online marketing via Facebook and Google allows for more direct marketing to those who may be interested. Large corporations like Proctor & Gamble are beginning to heed the call of podcast-listeners as well, now spending millions of dollars on podcast-related advertising.   

Specialized podcasts such as coaching or how-to podcasts are great ways to garner a base audience and gain foundational exposure which could lead to greater viewership down the road. 

Online Tutoring

If you obtain a specialized skill related to an academic subject, then creating a formalized online tutoring business may be the opportunity you are looking for but never knew existed. 

Working and deciding to return to school is becoming steadily normalized, and as such, the opportunity to tutor those intending on returning to school is becoming increasingly lucrative

Tutoring higher level subjects such as Calculus or tutoring the writing of college-level research papers is a great way to create a niche for oneself on a certain topic and create an identity for your tutoring brand,  

The fruits of this loom may not present themselves initially, but word spreads fast and easy access to individuals well versed on certain topics are not always easy to find outside of an academic setting. 

As I finish writing this article from home I am reminded of my days working in an office; The wasted time spent in meetings, the short lunch breaks, the droning on of keyboards being typed on frantically. 

I can say with certainty that although I may have given up a substantial portion of stability leaving the office life, it was the best move I could have made to feel fulfilled. 

It’s your life. You should work on your terms. As politician Paul Tsongas said, “No one on his deathbed said, ‘I wish I had spent more time in the office.’”


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