What Works on Social Media for B2B?

  • What kind of content should B2B firms post on social media?
  • Should B2B enterprises use social media at all?
  • What are the greatest social media platforms for B2B businesses?

When it comes to B2B organizations and their digital marketing strategy, these are some of the most typical questions we get.

The TL;DR version is as follows:

B2B companies should publish material that is relevant to their target audience

Social media should be used by B2B enterprises to engage with their customers and prospects.

The optimal social media outlet for your company is determined by your target demographic. LinkedIn is a terrific place to connect for many B2B organizations; for others, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

We'll look at what works for B2B firms on social media in the sections below. Stay a while and have a look.

Leadership in thought

For B2B organizations, creating and sharing intelligent thought leadership is always a gain. Thought leadership material is incredibly engaging to experts in your field, even if you believe your sector is "boring" or "not groundbreaking."

Share your thought leadership on your company's social media platforms after you've created it. Don't stop there; get your thought leaders to share it on social media as well. Why? Most seasoned professionals have a larger network of contacts than the B2B firm for which they work.

Encourage all of your workers to share the thought leadership with their social media contacts. You'd be astonished at how many of your personal or professional acquaintances are interested in what you do and what your firm does.

Employee characteristics

People are curious about the people with whom they are collaborating. In many circumstances, maintaining professional connections — whether with suppliers, customers, partners, or other industry experts – requires a strong personal rapport.

Consider employee features or highlights if you're seeking for material to promote on your social media accounts. It's a win-win situation: it highlights your incredible internal talent while also inviting your followers and contacts to discover more about your team and corporate culture.

Never undervalue the importance of making a human connection.

Milestones or awards

Both personally and professionally, social media is a terrific platform to celebrate successes and accomplishments. Sharing corporate accolades or milestones with your audience is a terrific idea for B2B organizations. This not only demonstrates that you are the best in class and therefore a great future partner, but it also demonstrates to your current customers that you are always developing and inventing.

What happens behind the scenes

Humans are inquisitive by nature about what other humans are up to. Invite your social media fans on a behind-the-scenes tour of your business. Share postings regarding internal business celebrations and activities.

We provide weekly happy hours for our staff at Bop Design. While these are usually private gatherings, we post photos to social media to show our fans more about our corporate culture and how our staff loves one other's company both on and off the clock.

Because your B2B company is made up of people, don't be afraid to provide behind-the-scenes information.

Client successes are shared

Where would we be if we didn't have happy clients? A business is only as powerful or successful as its customers. Start discussing your client victories on social media if you don't have an NDA in place.

Showcase any fresh advances they've made, new items they've released, or milestones they've gained. It's not only about your company on social media; it's also about your relationships and their successes.

Take the time to recognize the people who make a difference in your company.

Thanks to Rachel Cunningham at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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