Why Human Design Works for Marketing

Human design is not about personality, so you get a label: you are THIS, thus you are THAT.

Profiling often seems like that. It makes some individuals feel good and explains shameful things. Boxes suffocate some.

Human Design, when understood deeply, is different. It implies that enabling a design, imprint, or "operating system" may eliminate the battle. Because you'll be able to lean into who you are, do things your way, and draw into your abilities and power while tasting and playing with your openness and engaging with others' auras.

I like the ending best. We can discover what's ours and what's borrowed. Like anything borrowed, we may play with it, explore it, utilize it, and then return it. It's not ours and shouldn't clutter our lives.

Most individuals don't realize that anything they have doesn't belong to them and cling to it, even when it hurts them. The beauty of Human Design is learning who you are and how to "taste" or sample energies that may not be "yours" without being trapped in the long run. "Conditioning" implies this to me. Human Design emphasizes de-conditioning. I don't mean fully removing anything.

I accept that after another decade of tinkering with my design, I may redefine conditioning. That might happen, and I don't know how my thoughts, emotions, and understanding will change. For now, this feels great.

I self-shamed for being "conditioned" for two years. It's everyone's initial response to Human Design. (Ra's language wasn't encouraging, but there was a cause, which is a story for another day.)

“Projectors are very vulnerable to conditioning,” someone added, and everything clicked. I recognized that open-minded people are not brainwashed (this is how it feels at the start). We're adaptable. We can actually taste the energy and aura of people with distinct components and utilize it wisely, rather than thinking this is it for us.

Marketing and business coaching are very clear. You may be drawn to a coach and desire to be like them because you don't see "why not?" ”.

However, that coach may be distinct by design and here to pioneer, develop, and begin.

When you follow their techniques, you become irritated because you do everything they recommended and it doesn't seem right, and when you push, your audience or leads push back, and when you begin, no one cares. You believe you're sick, but you're only using a different "operating system" manual.

Like using Windows keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook. They frustrate and do nothing.

If you learn and perfect the shortcuts that work for you and your operating system, everything becomes easy.

Manifesting Generators and sacral energy are also seen in prominent marketing and business trainers. They move swiftly and may adapt to audiences and start new ventures. They make what they want quickly. Even after moving, they handle it well.

You look at them, purchase their programs, and attempt to apply them, and it seems overwhelming, taxing, and certain tactics feel inappropriate. Because it is so normal for them, these coaches look at you with small incredulity when you share your worries.

...and you begin to doubt your suitability.

Yes, you are.

You're missing it.

You are not recognizing your intelligence, drive, and plan.

Which may contradict all you've learnt or attempted.

By the way, not every Manifesting Generator is set for marketing success, and being a Generator, Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector doesn't mean you can't be extremely visible and super successful while feeling great about it.

It's about being yourself.

My company targets this segment. I've mentioned many times that I don't want to be a human design coach, but I understand the "trend" toward it.

OK. I'm following my calling, not the crowd.

For over a year, I have tried to deny that this is what I want to do and design programs using tactics I learnt and executed. I disliked them and couldn't advertise them properly, so I did it in a very "non-projectory" manner.

I entrusted my power to programs and instructors I sought to follow without considering whether they fit me.

I was sampling and testing (line 3) and being conditioned to provide "results" in marketing.
I thought "results" were just physical.

My coaching business missed the mark on my true talent.
Why I remain in some clients' environments as a visibility coach for years.

I had an epiphany. My coaching and mentoring are about the PROCESS and the personal breakthroughs, a-has, and subtle but major transformations that some of my clients experience on every call.

I am a guide.
No builder, no movement leader.
This is what you are seeing in my new path, and you may even be like it.
If so, I meant to write this today.

Thanks to Juliette Stapleton at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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