Why Start a Microcast?

The term "Microcast" refers to a particular type of podcast that differs from the typical podcast in two ways: first, it is shorter in length, typically lasting 1 to 3 minutes (only 14% of podcasts are less than 10 minutes long), and second, it is released more frequently (only 7% of podcasts are published daily).

A marketer should release a microcast for the following five reasons.

The listeners want it

A crucial statistic to remember is that 74% of podcast listeners check in to learn something new, while others consistently tune in for amusement, to stay current, to relax, and to be inspired. In other words, three-quarters of listeners do it primarily for educational purposes rather than for amusement. They want education. For the chance to sometimes learn a new fact or two, people are ready to listen for a whole hour, three hours, and put up with the filler and the advertisements. Imagine if they could accomplish this reliably in a minute or two with a microcast.

It's simple to make

A microcast is comparatively lot simpler to design and publish than a podcast, which demands time, planning, scheduling coordination, lengthy recording sessions, and post-production. Planning and coordinating the content of the microcast with those of your other digital platforms are essential for a successful microcast (Twitter, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.). Speaking about the content you have on the other channels is a simple method to do this. I'm not referring to reciting tweets and postings word for word, but rather to adding context that only a human being can. But make sure you are constantly giving the audience the information they are looking for. A beautiful synergy is created between the warm state of the brand—the one that a human person represents with their voice—and its cold state—the one that exists in social media—by integrating the voice of a live human being with your social media activity.

It helps people remember your company

Your business will have the privileged position of being top of the listener's mind far more than say, a company that publishes their podcast weekly. This is because it will be released much more often than the ordinary podcast, preferably on a daily basis. Your brand will have an even stronger emotional connection with the listener if your microcast offers them information they find fascinating or valuable. A marketer cannot ask for more than having their brand integrated into someone's everyday life, can they? Your brand will become a part of the listener's daily routine.

It's a method of involving the whole ecosystem

It shouldn't be surprising that individuals like being asked, "Tell me what you think?" Why not get feedback from your partners, customers, prospects, workers, executives, and suppliers? In addition to everyone having important things to say, they also do so from various angles. If nothing else, letting your audience know how many individuals are involved in making the firm offer its goods and services can help them get a better understanding of who you are as a company and what you do.

It benefits your SEO

The equivalent of 200 words of transcribed text in two minutes of spoken audio. By multiplying that by 5, you may have 1,000 words accessible each week to submit as a blog article and modify as necessary. And it's a blog post that you and other people collaborated on that is jam-packed with information that's pertinent to what you and your company do. Additionally, if you credit the contributors (as you should), those individuals will help you spread the word about your blog post, blog, and company since doing so is in their own best interests. Your SEO, your website, and your company may all benefit from interesting, creative content and driven ambassadors.

Therefore, at a time when audio is becoming more important, here's a quick and effective approach to integrate audio into your mix in a manner that not only complements your other digital activities but also amplifies and consolidates their impact.

Thanks to Ahmed Bouzid at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.


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